Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I already wrote about the Easter Bunny bringing the frogs, but I wanted to go ahead and briefly touch on the rest of the day. I was a very bad Mommy and took almost no pictures! I had my gorgeous family all dressed up in coordinating outfits and I didn't take a single family picture. I am still kicking myself so hard for that!

Saturday night Will lost another tooth, (This is his 3rd tooth and he is now missing both top teeth! He has a huge gap in his grin and I love and hate it. It is stinkin' adorable, but it makes him look like a big boy. How did my little man get to be a big boy losing his teeth?!?) so we had a couple big visitors come over night. (I was a little concerned about mythical characters running into each other in the house in the middle of the night, but it all went well.) Will woke up super early (about 5 a.m.) and came in to show us the money the tooth fairy left him. Luckily, we were able to talk him in to cuddling in bed with us for a couple more hours. Once we started hearing the babies stir, we all got up and went to see what the Easter Bunny brought.

Our silly Easter Bunny hides the kids baskets, so we spent a while running through the house finding every ones goodies. Once all the baskets had been found, we went to the kitchen table so the kids could sort through their treats.

They got magic wands, books, stickers, notepads, some candy... lots of stuff.

They seemed quite happy with their take.

After playing for a little bit (and eating more candy than they should consume in an entire week!), we had breakfast. Then everyone got baths and started getting ready. This was where things began falling apart. I somehow always think that I can get everyone ready in just a little time. This can not happen. I should know this by now, but in my head it all works. It just doesn't play out that way in reality. So, we were way behind schedule. We ended up missing Easter Mass completely. Yeah, the holiest day of the year and not a single member of our family went to church. Not our finest moment.

We rallied and managed to make it to my sister's house for Easter lunch. It was lovely. We had an Easter egg hunt. This was the first year the quads had some idea of what was going on. They still needed someone to walk around with them, but they found some eggs on their own and enjoyed collecting them. We also had a delicious meal and enjoyed some good time relaxing with our family.

Will was excited to play Mario Cart with his cousins

Izzie playing with a balloon with Aunt Sara

Julia had a blast!

We then went to my sister-in-law's for dinner. Again, it was great food and good times with family. The kids love getting to see everyone and had a great time. Just after dinner, we worried that we had to bail. After missing nap-time, the kids were just starting to melt down. After a couple of minutes, though, they rebounded and we ended up being able to stay and have a nice night.

We had a wonderful and blessed Easter!


  1. Your kids are so adorable!!! Love that EB hid the goodies for them to find! How fun! Sounds like you had as much fun as us! Spending time with family is awesome! Have a great week Beth!

    Oh wish me luck....we leave tomorrow to take the kids to Great Wolf Lodge!

  2. That is a great idea to hide the baskets...I will have to remember that. And I'm laughing out loud about the Easter Bunny running into the Tooth Fairy! :)

    I let the girls play with their baskets on Sunday, and then I put them away after they went to bed. I explained on Monday morning that the baskets were gone, because Easter is over. They didn't fuss, but they were worried that I'd put their Easter toys (a new tea set) away, too. It's funny how their little minds work. :)

  3. I liked that too about the mythical creatures running into each other! Our one mythical creature got caught after not sleeping all night for fear of getting caught! I guess what you think about you bring about! I denied it though. :)

    Looks like a great Easter - I was feeling insanely guilty about last year's Easter as well. All things in due time. Life is still really really hard for you I imagine. Your kids look cute!