Monday, April 4, 2011

Rainy Day

The last couple of days have been rainy and yucky. All of this rain is no fun...
Well, unless you're a five year old!


Will talked me into letting him puddle-jump after school today

He had a blast

and got to burn off some energy

He got so soaked, that we had to dump muddy water out of his boots!


  1. Love these photos! So priceless!!! You are a Mom that ROCKS!!! Good for you!

    Send some of that rain my way!! We need it desperately! We are in an extreme fire danger. :(

  2. I wish I could have that much fun, we've had three straight days of rain here, too!!!

  3. Playing in the rain and getting all muddy was pretty fun at that age. It rained here Sunday night then got really cold on monday. It went from 80 degrees to 45, from one day to the next.

    The McCleary Quads

  4. Wow! How fun to be a kid! Glad you let him do it. I generally try to keep my kids from getting into that much mess, but sometimes you just gotta let them do it!