Tuesday, May 10, 2011

T-Ball Time

This weekend we had Will's first T-Ball game. He has been excited for this since we signed up for T-Ball two months ago. It actually went really well. Mommy of course took tons of pictures, so please humor me.

#8 in your programs, #1 in your hearts!

(the jersey numbers were given out at random, but his is perfect! His birthday is 8/8)

(love the pose!)

Will was ready to go!

The quads were ready to watch

Sitting in the dugout getting ready for the game to start

The cutest cheering squad ever!

Will in the field

Will's first at-bat

He got to first base!!

Then made it home to score a run!!

(of course, he insisted on sliding even though there was no reason...)

Then everybody slapped hands at the end.

Then the kids got to run around on a giant field of dirt!!!


  1. Love these pics! Too sweet the quads supporting their big bro! Congrats Will on your 1st game! Looks like you did awesome!

  2. Of course he had to slide! That's what it's all about!

    How on earth did you keep the quads from spreading like wildfire? At that age I wouldn't even let my TWO out of the stroller. I am impressed!

  3. Ditto, what Twins Squared said...

    I saw the pic of all of them on the blanket, and thought, "Wow. Will I ever see that day??"

    Will looks like he is going to be quite the ball player!