Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Pictures!

As part of Rod's Father's Day gift this year, I took the kids to get their picture taken. We wanted him to have some new pictures to put up at work. I had planned to take the kids' picture myself, but at the last moment I chickened out and called a portrait studio. We went to Portrait Innovations where you can have your pictures developed the same day. While it wasn't the original plan, I'm so happy with the results!

The crew's special picture for their favorite man!

Even though I only planned to get the one picture, I couldn't resist when I saw my adorable little kids. A lot of money later, I left with a bulging packet of pictures. Oh well, the challenges of having gorgeous kids!






This was one of my favorite pictures of the day.

my girlies cracking up!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband, Rod! The kids are so lucky to have such a loving and dedicated father and I could never take this wild journey with anyone else. Love you!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love the pictures! The "DADDY" one is super cute and the one of the girls cracking up is adorable! You have beautiful children, I don't know how you ever could have walked away without buying a bunch! Happy Father's Day to Rod!

  2. LOVE the "daddy" picture!! Very cute idea, and perfect number of kids for it. :)

  3. Love them! They turned out GREAT! You little ones are growing up!! All 5 of them are so very sweet!! Happy daddy day Rod!! Hope your day is grand!

  4. A hidden blessing in having FIVE kiddos...being able to spell "DADDY"! Love it!!!

    And I always spend way too much money on pictures, too...but I rationalize, they'll only be 2 years and 5 months old (or whatever) once! :)

    Hope you have a great Father's Day celebration!

  5. OMgoodness! These pictures are just SO precious! I am LOVING that top pic and wish I had thought to do something that cute years ago when my oldest kids were little...

    It's my first time visiting. Came over from Multiples & More.
    You have an adorable family!

  6. So cute! Portrait Innovations is great too! I've been there a bunch of times (though quit last year because my little girls were so uncooperative every time I went). But I'll probably go back when they start acting better. They already are. Anyway, enough about me. Very cute pictures! Hope y'all had a wonderful Father's Day. MUCH to be thankful for!

  7. Love all of the pictures!! They came out great. The overspending is always the problem with taking them for professional pics as far as I'm concerned. LOL

  8. Love, love, love them all! They are too cute!

  9. These pictures are great! I would have overspent, too! Totally worth it.

  10. Adorable!

    I haven't had professional pics taken in years (since 2 of my big kids are professional photographers). But, I certainly remember those photo days when my big kids were little. Oh yea. I was determined to only buy the one inexpensive pic. But ... "they're so cute!". I treasure all of the pics we took ... oh. so. many. years. ago.

    Laurel :)