Friday, July 1, 2011

The Good, The Sad and The Bad

Once again, I can't believe how much time has passed since I posted anything. Our summer has been good, but I guess with so much going on, I haven't really been writing as regularly. I'll catch up with a recap of the last couple of weeks around here.

The Good:

--Will took swim lessons for the last two weeks. He took them at the same high school from which Rod and I both graduated. He did a great job!

He thought it was neat to be in our old high school!

practicing his kicking

He was even brave enough to go off the diving board!

taking the plunge!

-- Will and Rod have gone fishing several times with the guys in the family. They have even eaten their catch for dinner a few nights!

here is my nephew Evan showing his catch

-- We have been watching Will's best friend Zach one day each week. It is going well. The boys love spending time together and the quads think it is cool to have another 'big boy.' I've been looking for fun activities to keep them busy.

here they are decorating cookies

their main goal was to use every color icing and every kind of sprinkle I had!

seriously, only a five yr old boy would decorate cookies like this!

then I found wood build and paint your own race car kits

(somehow I did not get an after shot of the cars, but the boys loved them!)

-- We ordered a new swing set for the backyard and it should be getting assembled this weekend. I hope to show pictures soon!

The Sad:

My good friend Stacy moved away :( I'm so sad to see her go. Stacy was one of the first quad moms I met. Hers were even GGBG like mine. She is smart and funny and one of the nicest people I've ever met. While this move is great for her family, I hate to see her go. I have tried to spend as much time as possible with her the last couple of weeks. On their way out of town, we met them for lunch at a Burger King with a play land so the kids could play together a bit and we could say goodbye.

My friend Jennie (a triplet mom) moved a few weeks ago, so that's it! No more of my multiples mamas can move!!

The Bad:

My little Paige had a small scratch on her knee. Not a big deal, it looked like maybe she had scratched a bug bite. It had begun to go away, then yesterday I took her pajama pants off to get her dressed and found it looking like this

red, angry sore

It was warm to the touch and clearly painful to Paige, so I called the doctor to get it checked out. Later that day, I found a rash creeping up her belly. By the time we got to her appointment that afternoon, she was running a fever. Well, it turns out that her knee was infected with strep. The strep had caused Scarlet Fever. My poor little girl is feeling pretty lousy! She is on medicine and seems to be improving. In the mean time, I am watching everyone else like a hawk watching for any sign that someone else may have caught it. Hopefully we caught this early enough that she will bounce right back. I need my crew back to healthy!

Well, there you go. That is a pretty quick glance at the last couple of weeks for our family. I hope that everyone enjoys their holiday weekend!


  1. Yikes! I'll pray no one gets that! And sorry that your friends are moving away! No fun! Love all the sprinkles and hope you have a blast the rest of your summer!

  2. I can relate to having a busy summer!

    Congrats to Will on the swim classes, and get well soon wishes to little Paige!

  3. Your family is taking full advantage of the summer!! Good for you!! Yay for swim classes! That is awesome!!

    Poor Paige!! I feel bad for her! That really looks painful! Speedy recovery vibes sent her way!

  4. My son, who is 9, still does that with sprinkles; maybe it's a boy thing! Sorry to hear about Paige; that sure is scary! Hope she feels better soon!

  5. I hope Paige is better now and hope y'all had a wonderful 4th! Also sorry that your friends moved away. It's hard to find people to relate to as it is - I'm sure it's really difficult being a mom of quads. Seems like the few really good friends my husband has made in the last 10 years all moved away too. And I have had a hard time myself. Things are looking up though.

  6. New to following!

    Hope Paige feels better soon...sorry your friend moved away :( Go Will! Go!