Thursday, July 7, 2011

Independence Day Parades

With Paige still not 100% and Daddy having a lot of work to do putting together our new swing set, we had a pretty quiet holiday weekend. The only real celebrating we did was attending a couple of parades. We went to our town's and my hometown's. The kids have learned to love parades and they are so stinking cute! They wave and yell to everyone and get so excited to gather candy.

The quads

(yes all of my group shots are this good)

Drew taking a break with Grandma

getting ready for parade #2 with their cousins

then it started raining.

(I love little Ellie holding the umbrella with her Mommy)

Alex, Will and Kate taking cover before the parade starts

The rain slowed down and it barely drizzled during most of the parade. By the end though, it was pouring! We were all completely soaked for the ride home.

Julia loved the parade, even if it was too loud!

I hope that everyone had a happy Independence Day!!!!!


  1. Great 4th pictures Beth!! Your kids are adorable as ever! Thanks for sharing!! Happy weekend!!

  2. I'm feeling really silly that our girls haven't been to a parade yet! I really don't think there is one in our town. And now that I am reading so many other posts, that just seems un-American! HA! We did at least introduce the girls to S'mores on a Stick, and they had watermelon, too. I hope that counts for something! :)

    Love your "group shot"! My two are almost impossible to photograph right now...I can't begin to imagine FOUR or FIVE! :) :) But boy did they look cute in all their red, white, and blue!

  3. I bet the kids didn't mind the rain at all--added fun, right??