Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Animals Meet Some Animals (and a Splash-Pad)!!

The crew had a play date with a couple triplet families at an area park. This park is really nice and has big splash-pad (which was perfect for the crazy-hot weather we have been having!), but even better was the nature center. Another triplet mom in our multiples group works there, so she brought out some animals for the kids to see- and even touch!

Julie brought out some tree frogs

Will held one

Drew held a toad

She even brought out a corn snake

(which made me very nervous, but the kids liked him)

Drew even pet him!

A bit after this picture was taken, the snake pooped on the floor. I think that was the boys' favorite part of the entire day. They still talk about snake poop.

She showed everyone an owl

The boys even touched a scorpion.

(Once again, the girls were not interested in getting too close)

After this, we went on to the splash-pad. I didn't take too many pictures there because counting to five over and over and over ended up taking most of my time. We had never been to this park before, so I didn't realize how wet I would get just watching them and didn't wear my swimsuit. This made for an icky ride home in wet clothes, but lesson learned. I'm sure we'll go to this park again and next time Mommy will be prepared.


Drew (in the Elmo trunks) and Julia (in the orange suit)

I finally got a group shot when we took a break for lunch

(Julia, Paige, Drew, Will and Izzie)

It was a wonderful day and the kids had a great time meeting animals, especially Drew. Since then, he has given several presentations. He'll have us all sit on the floor, then he brings around his stuffed animals. He tells us what they are, then lets us touch them reminding us to "be gentle." I love my little animal lovers!


  1. What fun!! I wish we lived by splash pad!! They look like so much fun!

  2. How cool that your guys got to interact with the animals. (And I had never thought about snake poop...HA!) I've helped our girls set up a "zoo" with their stuffed animals and figurines a few times, and then we pretend to tour the den and talk about the different groupings. The girls love it! :) Now I've just gotta get them to a real zoo!