Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Sick Puppy

Okay, she may not be a puppy anymore, but our dog Stella is sick. Really sick. We still aren't positive what is wrong, but she is in the doggy hospital right now receiving iv antibiotics. Rod and I are worried sick.

For as long as I have known Rod, I've known that he is a 'dog person.' He made it clear that he wanted us to have a dog of our own as soon as possible. When we first married, we lived in an apartment for two years. Since he wanted a medium sized dog or larger, we knew we had to wait until we bought a house with a yard to get our dog. We bought a house with a nice little back yard in July of 2002 and Rod immediately started talking about dogs. Truthfully, at this point I wasn't too excited about the idea. I put him off for a while, but knew that this was something he really wanted and I couldn't deny him. In December of that year, I went to a local pound with my girlfriend Jennifer looking for a dog to give Rod for Christmas. There were a lot of dogs there to be adopted, but I immediately was drawn to a little boxer/lab mix puppy (since she was abandoned they didn't know her exact age, but estimated her to be about 3 mos.) The pound had given all of the dogs "Christmas-y" names in hopes of getting them adopted as Christmas gifts. She was named "Merry." I was sucked in and signed the papers that day. She had to get all of her shots and get spayed before I could take her home, so I still had to wait a week to actually get her. That year we had already made plans to celebrate Christmas with Rod's family on Christmas Eve at his sister Laura's house. I called Laura and asked a big favor. Between picking up our dog and Christmas Eve, it was 4 days. I asked if she would keep the dog at her house until I gave her to Rod. She agreed and Christmas Eve when we arrived at her house, Rod went on a scavenger hunt I had arranged for him. It ended in Laura's backyard where Stella was hidden under their swing set.

Rod was so happy with his gift! That night, he decided to name her Stella. She is a perfect Stella. Lady-like, but feisty! Rod was immediately in love, but that was no surprise. The bigger surprise was how quickly I fell for this little bundle of fur and love. She was absolutely adorable and sooo sweet. How could I have ever thought I didn't want a dog?

As we brought home the kids, she showed what a sweet, sweet girl she is. She is loving and protective of all of the kids. When Will was a baby, if she and I were in a different room than him and he started crying, she beat me there nearly every time. She puts up with the kids pulling her tail and ears, sitting on her, loving her a bit too roughly and never snaps at them. She is a great dog.

As I sit typing this, she is off at the hospital being treated. We hope and pray that the vets can figure out what is wrong with her and fix it. We want our sweet girl back soon. The horrible part of a veterinary hospital is that we can't stay with her. I'm sure that sounds crazy to people without pets-- heck it would have sounded crazy to me nine years ago! I just hate the idea of her being alone and possibly scared or in pain. The quads don't really understand what is going on or where she is. They have missed her and asked where she is, we just told them, "She is at the doctor." Will, however, has a better understanding. As soon as he heard that she had to go to the hospital, he wanted to make her 'Get Well' cards. He got his crayons and some paper and made a few. At bedtime tonight, he cried that she wouldn't be able to sleep with him (she sleeps in his room with him every night.) I hope that we get to celebrate her coming home soon. For us and the kids.

On top of the worry is guilt. I feel so bad that Stella has been put on the back-burner. I have five human children to take care of everyday and sometimes caring for one more living creature is too much. She gets a bit neglected. I also wonder if there were signs I would have seen sooner if I had paid more attention. I know that she is "only a dog," but she is our first baby. The first animal Rod and I ever loved and cared for together. She has been with us through infertility, pregnancies, babies and kids. We love her very much. If you could please pray that she will be okay, I would appreciate it.

Will and Stella

October, 2007

Stella with a binky stolen from Rod's niece Ana.

December, 2002

(don't even try to tell me you've seen a cuter picture of a cuter dog. You haven't)


  1. Oh Beth!! I am so sorry Stella is so sick! Of course I will pray! I know that guilt because the furry baby Todd and I got together shortly after marriage I loved with my whole heart. Then my babies came along and he no longer was the center of my attention. Tears are streaming down my face for your family! I hope the vets figure out soon....bless her heart.

    Love the story behind her! Oh and I agree the is one cute puppy picture! Too sweet!

  2. I'm thinking of you all, Beth - and of course Stella. We have a very special place in our hearts for our furry baby kitties, who we got just after we'd been married a year. You'll be in our prayers, and we'll be hoping for a happy, healthy homecoming soon.

  3. Will pray for Stella and for the rest of your family...many ((hugs))

  4. What a sweet post! I hope she gets better fast! We went through that spring break. I thought our dog was going to die but after a few IV's and a couple trips back to the vet, she is still doing okay. She has to take vitamins now. This is the beginning of her getting old but hopefully she will hang around for a while.

    Will making her the get well cards is the sweetest thing ever. And I think the puppy picture with the binky definitely IS the cutest dog picture ever. Our dog has never taken one THAT cute!

    Hope all is well. And don't beat yourself up too bad about the neglect - I can relate there. We actually gave our dog to Mike's parents for five whole years! At least we kept her in the family but I felt so horrible! Like we abandoned her!

    Anyway, hugs to all of you!

  5. In response to your comment, You know, the big girls do plenty of stuff without the little girls. If there were only one of them I guess they would have plenty of alone time with us. But they are always still with EACH OTHER. I'm sure they just get so sick of doing everything together. Once in a while just one will come with me to the store or something, but they don't do anything fun or quality time where it's just one of them, partly because everything has to be EVEN all the time! You will probably have to make much more effort with the quads than you do with Will. I don't think I'll start yet with the little girls. Maybe next year. But they probably get more individual attention than your quads so they may not need it right now. At least I'm guessing.