Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Tough Break

I want to thank everyone for the kind comments left on my last post about Stella. Unfortunately, she is not doing much better and we are making some tough decisions about her care. Yesterday I had to pick her up from one veterinary hospital and take her to another for further testing. She was so excited to get in the car with Will and me and then so sad when we left her at the second place. She thought she was coming home :( Broke my heart to leave her there.

So after another day of caring for and worrying over my dog, I was wrapping up the day and ready to get the kids in bed. We had eaten dinner and Rod was at a Cub Scout outing with Will. The little people were running around while I started getting pajamas and things together to start the bedtime routine. Suddenly I heard screaming and Izzie came running to me with blood coming out of her mouth. She had fallen on the wood floor in the entry way. I scooped her up and began checking her over. She had bitten her tongue when she fell and it was bleeding badly. The bad news about mouths- they bleed a lot. The good news about mouths- they heal quickly. I wasn't too concerned, just trying to comfort her and get the bleeding to stop. She told me that she also hurt her arm, so I gave her a quick kiss on the shoulder and continued tending to her mouth. I gave her ice to suck on and her sippy cup. I got some ibuprofen to ease the pain and any swelling. When I handed her the dosage cup, she couldn't hold it in her left hand. She screamed when I tried to put it in her hand. I hadn't been very worried about her bitten tongue, but now I was worried.

I felt along her arm and had her move her fingers. She was able to move everything, so I focused more on comforting her. She was inconsolable. Not just for a minute or two, but for nearly an hour! She would scream if I touched her arm at all, no matter how gentle I tried to be. Now, Izzie can be a drama queen sometimes, but she is tough. Tough as nails. She does not cry in pain for more than a minute or two, even after a pretty big injury. I knew that something was definitely wrong. I called Rod and he came home. Izzie and I headed over to the emergency room.

She was hilarious at the ER. She was chattering the whole time (of course, she's Izzie.) She was in a pretty good mood as long as no one went near her arm. She was happy enough that a couple of times, I started thinking I had made a mistake bringing her in. Then she would move her arm or someone would go near it and she would freak out. Yeah, she needed to get checked out. She loved that she sat on a bed in the examining room. It was a real bed with a pillow, not just a table like at the pediatrician. Who knew that was so exciting?

The doctor examined her then had some x-rays taken. Sure enough it was broken. She had broken both bones. Poor sweetie! No wonder she was so defensive of her arm. I was told that they no longer put casts on at the ER. They would brace it in a splint, then I would need to take her to an orthopedic doctor to have it cast.

They wrapped it in gauze

Then wrapped a bandage around the gauze and a splint.

This morning we got her into the ortho. He showed us her x-rays and assured me that we would be amazed at how quickly she was going to heal (these kids are amazing!). He said she would only need to wear a cast for three weeks (as long as all goes as planned.) Then came the exciting part- she got to pick out the color of her cast!

No shock here-- She went with purple!!


  1. Oh Beth...not what I ws hoping your next post to be! I am so sorry Stella is still feeling so bad! So hope she gets better soon! Poor girl!!

    They say bad things come in 3, sure hope that isn't the case for you! Poor Izzie!! She looks super adorable in these pics though! Hope it heals quickly, just like the doc said!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet, sweet, Stella. It's so hard to have a sick puppy, and I understand about a dog becoming a big part of your family. We are the same way with our dog.

    Poor Izzie! What a yucky time of year to have a cast on her arm. Good to hear that she won't have to wear it for too long! She looks so cute in all the pictures though! I hope she heals quickly!

    You guys are on my prayer list, and so is Stella!

  3. Sounds like tough breaks all around!

    Sorry to hear about the break, but thankfully, the cast won't be on too long and she'll be back to summer fun in no time!

  4. It is definately no fun when one of your babies is broken. Praying for a quick recovery for her and your puppy. Hang in there!

  5. Her little face looks so cheery in her hospital bed! It is sometimes so hard to know whether you should take them in or not. I think I said something on FB but Kaitlyn did that once. I didn't think it was broken but after 2 days it was only getting worse so I took her. She had a soft cast like Izzie's first one. That was all she ever had to have though.

    Anyway, glad she is on the mend. I hope things get better for your poor little pup.

  6. Hope Stella and Izzie have a quick recovery!! Thanks for reading my blog too!!