Monday, August 15, 2011

Catching up with Will's Birthday!

Well, in keeping with our zero-luck summer, my laptop died last weekend. I was able to use my husband's laptop in the evenings, but he kept hassling me that he had work to do. Hello!?! I need to facebook and blog. Where are that man's priorities?

I now have a new computer and a lot of catching up to do. I am still waiting on pictures from the wedding, so I'll skip ahead to my big boy's birthday. Will is six years old! Such a big man. He is a very curious guy and wants to understand how everything works. He has always been very into science, so for his birthday this year, we took the whole family to COSI. COSI (the Center of Science and Industry) is a hands-on science center in Columbus, OH (about an hour and a half north of us.) We had a blast and the kids really enjoyed playing and learning. I have a ton of pictures here, but there was so much for the kids to see and do!

My handsome 6 yo on the ride up

This was a cool harp the kids could play in the lobby. There were no strings, the music was made by lasers running through the open space. Really neat!

Will loved the area dedicated to space travel.

Here he is landing a space shuttle.


Julia and Paige

Will also loved "digging" up some dinosaur bones

He got Paige to help him

Drew really liked this digital finger painting

They had a great water table that the quads loved!





Hands down the kids favorite part was the construction area

Lachmann & Lachmann construction

Paige and Will


laying out her cones

working hard

Daddy and Drew helping Will build his home

We had such a great time that we ended up staying longer than planned and ran out of time for cake that night. We still sang 'Happy Birthday' and Will blew out a candle.

Happy Birthday to my big boy!


  1. How great! That museum looks really cute. I love Will's candle on his pizza! Whatever works, right? I also had no idea you lived in/near Ohio! I have always pictured you more on the southeastern coast somewhere? Maybe I had you confused with someone else! Happy Birthday to Will! 6 is big!

  2. Happy birthday, Will!

    Glad you are back online! I have serious withdrawl when my computer is out :-)

  3. What a handsome little boy!! Happy birthday Will!! So glad you had a great one!! I would take a candle in pizza in day!! Yummy!!

    Beth, your babies are growing up! They are getting si big! Adorable!

  4. Wow...happy birthday Will! And congrats Mama, too! :) :)

    That looks like a fantastic time for everyone. And I love the slice of pizza with a candle, too! I'm sure it worked just fine for his wish. :)