Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Izzie's Up & Down Week

This last week was quite a week for my little Izzie.

Up-- She got her cast off on Wednesday.

Down-- Thursday, she fell face first into the wooden base of the bed in our spare bedroom. Her nose immediately swelled and began bleeding. Profusely. It was terrible and I must admit, I didn't handle it well. Back when I was graduating high school and trying to decide what my college major should be, a teacher suggested that I consider nursing. While I have great respect for nurses and would enjoy parts of the job, I rejected the idea because I hate blood (and other gross bodily fluids) and don't deal well with emergencies. Guess what? I ended up in a career (motherhood) where both of these come into play. So Izzie, Julia and I were all freaking out (Julia saw the whole thing happen and the blood combined with Mommy losing her mind must have scared her...) while Izzie bled all over herself and me. In my panic, I called Rod and he came home from work. I was finally able to pull myself together enough to take Izzie to the emergency room.

The doctor there examined Izzie and said that her nose appeared to be broken, but otherwise she was fine. Her nose was still really swollen, so we would need to wait for the swelling to go down to determine if she needed surgery to set it. The doctor assured us that 90% of broken noses do not need to be set.

Up-- A few days later we took her to the pediatrician and she does not need surgery!!

Down-- Her nose still looks like this:

It is actually getting much better.

It is still a bit swollen, but the swelling has gone down a lot.

Also Down-- There is a very real possibility that this girl is going to give her mother a heart attack if this rate of injury continues. At the very least, a social worker will be visiting our home if we (God forbid) return to the hospital any time soon.


  1. Oh my goodness!! Poor girl! That looks like it seriously hurts! Gives me chills! The nose is a very sensitive part! I feel for her!! Yes, it seems she may be your accident prone child! Wrap her in bubble wrap now!! Just kidding! Take care!

  2. Bless her heart...AND YOURS! The couple of scares we've had, I've been so lucky that my hubby was home, too, so I didn't have to handle such a scary situation alone. Glad you all made it through, and so glad that Izzie is going to be OK! :) :)

  3. Bless her little heart. I hope it heals up quickly and isn't hurting her in the mean time.

  4. Poor Izzie! and poor mommy--your nerves must be frazzled!

    Take heart--I was a clumsy/accident prone kid and I turned out ok :-)