Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Swing Set

With all of the craziness this summer, I forgot to post any pictures of a fun new development right in our backyard. We got a new swing set!! After a ton of shopping around, we picked one on-line and ordered it.

This was how it arrived. Boxes and boxes of wood pieces!

After a lot of hard work by Daddy and Grandpa

A lot of hard work...

We have a great swing set the kids love!

Under one slide is a sand box, under the other is a picnic table

A couple of swings and a glider

Mostly, though, the kids love the play decks!

They use them as a clubhouse. The last couple of weeks we have had beautiful weather and this was where you could find us most days. We have already logged hours and hours of fun on our new swing set.

Thanks so much Daddy and Grandpa!!

This is how our crazy-lady Izzie likes to swing. She throws her head back until it nearly touches the ground, then kicks her legs up and wraps the chains around her ankles. I have corrected her a dozen times about how to swing safely and correctly, but I can not count the number of times I have found her like this. I need to start wrapping that girl in bubble wrap...


  1. Love this swing set!! Daddy and Grandpa did an awesome job!! Crazy how all this boxes come together so nicely. My kids isn't as big, but I still remember bringing home those boxes and thinking " I hope daddy didn't bite off more than he can chew". So glad your kids love it...it is like a park in your back yard! I can totally envision the next picture of Izzie being her in bubble wrap! Ha! Silly girl!

  2. Now, that's a swing set!

    I love the picture of Grandpa!

  3. That is an awesome swingset! I can only imagine how long it took to put together. I remember Mike and his dad took forever on ours and it was only half this size. That will be so great for you and the kids. I have loved having one. Just wish we had some tolerable whether here. Too hot until 7pm to go outside! We're having desert weather this summer!