Sunday, August 21, 2011

Songs That Make US Sing Saturday... well Sunday

So I have seen several people linking up to a fun weekly link. "Songs That Make US Sing" by, (Not) Just Another Mom of Twins. I've never joined in for two reasons.
1) I mostly write about the kids and things to do with them
2) How could I pick one song? I almost always have a song going through my head and often walk around singing it out loud. (Yes, I've become my mother. I just have to accept it.)

Well, this weekend, both of those problems were solved. Saturday, we were out and this song came on. It is extremely sing-along-able (yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a word), so of course I was singing along. It made my day when Will joined in and sang with me (the "Oh, oh, oh"s at the end-- you can't not sing them) Like I said, I always sing, but what makes me seriously happy is singing with my kids. Love it!

Then today we were in the car again with the radio on (two days in a row of listening to the radio in the car instead of a kids cd. How did I get so lucky?) when this song came on again. Once it got into the chorus, Will recognized it and said, "Listen Mom. It's our song." So what's a mom to do? We turned it up and sang along-- loud. I loved it. I know that he won't sing along with me forever. In fact, he'll probably be embarrassed enough just by me singing (remember, I get this from my mom. I remember being a twelve year old in the back seat horrified that my mom always had to sing-- even when I had friends in the car!), so I'm definitely going to enjoy this while I can.

Here is 'mine and Will's song'!


  1. Okay, so now I have this song in my head.
    Thanks :-))

    I love that you and Will have a song. How great that you will have this memory (and this post) to look back on and laugh about when he becomes way cooler and you become not-so-cool (as if that could ever happen!)

    Have a great week!

  2. The singing in the car thing is genetic. I'm convinced that is why Ray only listens to talk radio when I'm in the car.

  3. I too love that you and Will have a song!! Super fun!! Love it!

  4. I love that song and so do my kids! Puts you in a good mood - thanks! I'm just glad we don't ONLY listen to Disney anymore!

  5. Thanks for linking up with Ginger and I--even on Sunday! My kids LOVE that song. They sing the La La La's too. I hope you link up with us next week too!