Wednesday, August 31, 2011

These Kids Have Big Plans

This morning the girls were playing with a new dollhouse they got for their birthday. Drew came along stomping and growling, trying to knock down the house. I stopped him before he could do any damage and asked what he was doing. He informed me, "When I grow up, I want to be a monster!" I don't think that the kids have ever referenced "When they grow up" before, so I took the opportunity to ask the others what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Drew- Monster

Paige- Person on TV

Julia- (made Mommy proud!) Doctor. After hearing Paige's answer, she briefly changed her answer to, "A doctor on TV", but then went back to just a doctor.

Izzie- Aunt Connie (my husband's beloved aunt. She is like a rock star in our house!)

This is the first time that we have talked about their dreams for the future, so I want to make sure to remember their big plans!

A few other funny things that have been said recently----

I was trying to explain to the kids that Grandma and Grandpa were my parents. This was really weird to them. I went on to explain, "One day when you guys grow up and have kids, I'll be the grandma and Daddy will be the grandpa."
Drew then chimed in, "And I'll be Aunt Joanna." Yeah, they may not get it yet...

In other Aunt Joanna news, the kids were playing one morning and Julia informed me she was being Aunt Joanna. I asked her where Alex, Kate and Ellie (Joanna's daughters) were. Without missing a beat, she looked around and yelled, "Oh no! I lost my babies!"

Izzie seems to be learning the art of "butt kissing." A few nights ago, she was being quite naughty at the dinner table. She was sent to time out for a couple minutes. When I brought her back to the table, she said, "I like your shirt Daddy. That's a really good shirt." Little brown-noser ;-)!

I love watching these funny little personalities come out!


  1. Haha!! That is awesome! aunt Connie has to be very proud! Super sweet!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Super sweet stories about your kiddos! Kaden is a pretty good butt kisser too. The other day we were eating supper at my in-laws when Kaden walked into the kitchen where my mother in law and I were chatting and said, "That was a really nice supper, Grandma Sue!" It was totally out of the blue, and so sweet! I love it when my kids do stuff like that, it melts my heart!

  3. That's really cute. You're going to have your own Dr.Oz in the family!

  4. Have you ever read Big Plans to your kids? I haven't but I was at Karen's this morning and she does a fantastic job! Your title made me think of it. Maybe at our next family gathering Karen can do a story time??
    - Cathy