Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Quads' Third Birthday!!

Today was my babies' third birthday. Yes, they are three years old. Yes, they are still my babies. I've spent quite a bit of time lately thinking about the fact that a stage of my life is ending. Assuming I do not have any more children, I will never have a true baby again. We soon (hopefully) saying goodbye to diapers and cribs. While I am excited about these changes, it is hard to believe that a big and very special time in my life has ended. I love watching the kids grow and learn new things, but as the stages slip by, it does make me a little sad.

Enough of Mommy moping. On to the important people-- The birthday kids!

Unfortunately, our day did not begin well. All of the kids woke up with fevers. Julia and Paige had very low fevers, but Drew and Izzie were more like 101*/102*. Basically, they had no energy. They wanted to do nothing but lie around and cuddle with Mommy.

How we spent their birthday morning.

That was what we did all morning. Then everyone (sort of) ate lunch and took a nap. After nap, the crew had a bit more energy and they were in much better moods. We had to go pick Will up from Tae Kwon Do, so I just pulled pants on over their pajamas. The kids said they wanted to get dressed and go somewhere. We already had their birthday party (pictures coming soon), but we still had planned to go out to dinner tonight with my parents and two of my sisters. When everyone was feeling so lousy this morning, I had called my family and told them that we had to cancel. Well, once I saw they were feeling a bit better, I called Rod and we talked about it and decided to go ahead and take everyone out to dinner.

I'm glad that we did. The kids were still a bit under the weather, but they had a good time and it was nice to celebrate their big day.

Julia and Daddy

Izzie and Aunt Sara

(Izzie was definitely not 100%)

My beautiful niece Alex

When she saw me taking pictures of people, she came over and asked me to take hers. Seriously though, if you were this cute, wouldn't you want your picture taken all the time too?

We went out to a Mexican restaurant, so the servers brought out desserts for the kids along with sombreros for them to wear while we sang "Happy Birthday!"

Izzie blowing out her candle




The Four Amigos

My kiddos

Now, the annual comparison pictures...

I do not have their one month or one year pictures on my computer, but you can find them here.

Two Years Old (9/8/10)

Three Years Old (9/8/11)
***Paige is actually smiling. She isn't looking at the camera, but she is smiling!!***

This is them showing off their muscles.

Showing how big they are!

This is their 'funny face' shot

I love these silly little people. Let's hope that they continue feeling better.

Three amazing years...


  1. Wow,'s so hard to look at those pictures and realize how big your babies are! (And I didn't realize Mommy Moping was an actual condition...but I can relate...HA!)

    Happy birthday, Paige!
    Happy birthday, Izzie!
    Happy birthday, Julia!
    Happy birthday, Drew!

    (Sorry I don't know birth order, but I always like to say happy birthday individually! :) )

    I'm so glad everyone was feeling better later in the day in order to celebrate a little more.

    And congrats, Mommy! What a milestone!

  2. Sorry they weren't feeling the best, but i'm happy to hear they perked up as the day went on so they could enjoy some of their day! Happy Birthday kiddos!

  3. Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday To YOU!!!! I love that your Birthdays back up to ours! Sorry they were a little sick. We've been fighting stuff here all week too!

    You're an amazing Mama! Look how far you've come! What a beautiful family! Hugs!

  4. I'm so glad you were all able to end up going to dinner. Yay for the quads! And yes they've grown so much since last year! I know, it is weird to be leaving that stage. I have been getting rid of so much stuff in the last year. It is kind of weird and a little scary to get rid of it. And getting rid of the clothes makes me sad but how many clothes that don't fit do we need sitting around the house? Lately I've been able to take down a lot of the childproof stuff, put plants back on the floor, etc. I was so happy but now I'm all sad thinking about it in a way. Anyway, hope they are all better now!

  5. Oh my goodness Beth!! 3 years old?!?! Time needs to slow down!! Happy birthday sweet babies! Sorry I am late with my wishes!! Love these pictures! Too sweet for words! Hope your weekend is good! Take care!

  6. They sure are getting big. Happy Birthday!!! We also hope they start to feel better soon.