Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Year Checkup

The other day I took the crew to get their three year checkups. Once again, we got a clean bill of health! Everyone is growing and developing right on track. For my own records, I want to go ahead and put in their heights and weights.

Isabella-- Height: 38"(80%) Weight: 32 lb (60%)
Julia-- Height: 37"(60%) Weight: 29 lb (30%)
Andrew-- Height: 37"(60%) Weight: 33 lb (60%)
Paige-- Height: 36"(50%) Weight: 28 lb (20%)

We are so blessed to have such strong healthy kids!

While I always love hearing that my kids are doing well, my favorite part of their appointment came after the exam. Our pediatrician's office gives out little tokens to the kids they can use to get a prize out of machines after they behave through their appointment. There is a wide variety of little trinkets to choose from. Izzie and Paige each got a miniature plastic animal. Julia got a sparkly ring. There was one option that made me wonder why it was there. What kid would pick that toy? Oh yeah, Drew would.

Drew picked a false moustache.

(it was even grey!)

He loved it

He was so proud of his awesome 'tache!


  1. First, hooray for a great report!

    And that is the funniest little prize, I agree! Our girls are still talking about having mustaches from their first ice cream cone a few weeks ago...HA!

  2. This made me LOL!! Love it!! He is a ham!!

    So happy to hear they are growing like weeds and healthy to boot!! Priceless news!!

  3. I love it! I think one of my girl's got one of those once! That last picture is SO cute! He looks like one of my friend's DADs!! So funny!