Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Binky Fairy

My quadruplets turned three last month. I am embarrassed to admit this, but they also still slept with pacifiers. I know, I know that is way too old to be using a pacifier. I started off with good intentions. I let them use their binkies pretty much whenever they wanted until they turned one. After that, they were only allowed at naptime or bedtime. My brilliant plan was to then take them away completely by age two. Well, they are three, so clearly that plan went out the window!

The problem is, I like to sleep. I really, really, really like to sleep. I love that my children let me sleep all night and I have been afraid to mess with a good thing. For the last week or so, my kids have been suffering from seasonal allergies. Nothing too serious, just some majorly stuffy noses that have made sleeping much more difficult. Our nights have been pretty rough as different kids have been waking up fussy at different times. It may sound kind of crazy, but I figured if we already weren't sleeping, this was the perfect time to go ahead and take away the binkies.

Since this had gone on for so long and the kids had developed such an attachment to their binkies, I decided that we had to make it a big deal. So we had the Binky Fairy come visit!

Before bed one night, the kids gathered all of their binkies and left them on the kitchen table for the Binky Fairy. All of the binkies out of their bedroom (even a Halloween pumpkin one.)

Then the Binky Fairy came and took all of the pacifiers to give to little babies that need them. In exchange for the binkies, she left toys for the kids.

Yes, Will got a toy as well.

(I have no idea why other than that Binky Fairy is a sucker)

The last couple of nights, the kids have gone to bed to without their binkies. The first night was pretty rough, but I could still blame that on their stuffy noses. I am very happy to report that last night everyone slept all night long. With no binkies!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you've all had such a rough time with allergies. I know waking up multiple times a night with infants is one thing...but once you get used to sleeping without interruption, it sure is hard! And of course I feel bad for the kiddos, too. I hope everyone is heading in the right direction.

    And that's fantastic that the Binky Fairy was so effective (even if she is a bit of a sucker...HA!). We don't have any paci's in our house, but I'm not sure what the Binky Fairy would think of B's chewed up thumb. :/ She only does it when she sleeps...never, ever when she's awake...but I have a feeling that will be a hard habit to break.

  2. MandyE directed me to your post, as I just wrote about our attempts to get rid of pacis today. I love the idea of the Binky Fairy, and that may end up being what we go with.

    My twins are 2 1/2 and still have their pacis quite often, even when they're not sleeping (I hate admitting that!!). Like you, I am terrified of losing sleep, but this is something that has to be done eventually, right??

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I'm glad that it worked so well for you. It was probably a smart idea to do it while they were dealing with other issues too. They had more important things to contend with instead. When I decided it was time to take them away from mine, I cut a hole in all of them so that when they sucked on them, it would collapse. One of mine never used one, then one of them hated it with just that little hole so quit right away. The other two held out longer. I finally started cutting sections off and that got one of them off of it. My last one (Abigail) kept using that darn thing until she had to hold the little plastic nub at the bottom between her teeth because I had cut ALL of the rubber off. Crazy kid!!