Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An Important Reminder

I didn't think that I would post about this since I mostly just write about the kids. What I have again been reminded, however, is that every single thing that happens to me now, is about the kids.

I recently went through a health scare. Specifically, I had a breast cancer scare. During my routine appointment, my gynecologist found a lump and sent me for a mammogram. After a mammogram and ultrasound, the radiologist expressed his concerns to me and scheduled a biopsy and an appointment two days later to receive my results.

Just a brief side note--A good nurse is an angel on earth. I actually learned this during all of my hospital/NICU time with the babies, but it was reinforced. All of the nurses at St. Elizabeth's Women's Wellness Center were so wonderful. None of this was fun, but a gentle hand on my shoulder and a kind nurse asking about what my kids will be for Halloween made an uncomfortable biopsy bearable.

I am very happy to say that everything is fine. I do not have cancer! From the moment my doctor told me he felt something until I was told that everything was fine (nearly two weeks later), I was very anxious. I worried about everything, but mostly I thought about my children.

While I worried about missing big moments in their lives, I mostly was upset thinking about not being there or being too sick to enjoy all of the little moments. I want to be the one playing with my kids. I want to push them on the swings. I want to cuddle and read books. While I like to think that they need me, I know that I need them. I am greedy and want to suck up as many moments with these kids as I can. As hard as some days are and as tiring as my crazy crew can be, I am so lucky to be the mother to these sweet little people. I need to remember that all of the time and I hope that I never get a reminder quite this big again.

I am cancer-free, but the doctors do want to keep an eye on things with mammograms every six months for a few years. While having a mammogram is not that much fun (I could think of many better ways to spend an hour...), I will be certain to make each and every appointment. I have too much I'm not willing to miss!


  1. Wow, Beth...I cannot imagine how scary that must have been, and I am so very thankful to hear that you got a clean report.

    Having lost my mom a number of years ago (when I was in college), I probably think about my mortality more than the average person. I don't think I dwell on it, or let it color my personality...but I do remind myself frequently that it's not just about me. I owe it to my girls to do the best job I can to take care of myself. And like you said, there's definitely a reciprocal...I want to be there to experience everything, too.

    Again, so glad to hear you're OK...and thanks for this reminder, too.

    Many blessings! :) :)

  2. Yeah, I've probably had about 3 biopsies on breast lumps before - including one when I was only 17! But the last one (only about 2 yrs ago) the docs were more concerned than usual. Turned out to be nothing but I think once you're a mom, your fears magnify because the ramifications if something were to happen to you are so much larger. Last year when I was having all those health issues I was quite a basket case. And of course your mind can't help but go to the worst case scenario. So glad you are okay. Another reminder to all us gals to get checked yearly!

  3. I can't imagine how scary that must have been for you! I'm so happy to hear that everything turned out to be ok!

  4. I'm so glad you are ok! I miss blogging and keeping in touch with you guys! Pray you have a fun and happy fall! Hugs!

  5. I'm glad that everything is okay and will say a prayer for you that it stays that way!