Saturday, October 8, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Yes, I know that it has been way too long since I have posted anything. Time just seems to slip away from me! Well, here is a quick recap of the last few weeks. Some things seen, heard (Will is always good for some great comments) and done around our little corner of the world.

-- This summer, Will joined Cub Scouts. He absolutely loves it! Recently he earned his first badge, the Bobcat Badge. He is very proud of his badge- and we are proud of him.

Will getting his badge

Will with his Den Master

--Lots of playing around the house

Izzie taking her Calico Critters for a ride in the dump truck

--Will has been an interesting kid since he was born. You just never know what he will say or do. He often says funny stuff. One recent quote that is both funny and sad-- I was picking him up from Tae Kwon Do and had the little kids with me. A woman commented to Will that he has a lot of siblings. He replied, "Yeah, I have one brother and three sisters. One fish (one of our festival fish has died. more on that later), one turtle and one dead dog." I'm pretty sure that woman was not expecting to hear that!

--So yes, another fish died. I never really knew which fish was Dad and which was Emilio, so I'm not sure which one it was. Since our surviving fish seems to be sticking around for a while, we had to find a place to put him. Will's room was the best spot. Since the fish is in his room, he talked the other kids into letting him re-name it. Will's BFF Zach is a Nascar fan. Because of this, Will says that he likes Nascar too. The thing is, Will has never seen a single Nascar race, so he just roots for Zach's favorite- Jimmy Johnson. Therefore, he named the fish Jimmy George(Will's favorite name) Johnson Lachmann. Pretty big name for a teeny tiny goldfish.

-- We went to the zoo for my nephew Huck's birthday. Shortly after we arrived, my niece Kate found Drew and announced, "I am a princess and you are my prince." She then insisted that they hold hands all day. If Drew dropped her hand or wandered away, she hurried over and grabbed his hand again. They were so darn cute holding hands all day!

Prince Andrew and Princess Kate

group shot of all of the cousins that made it that day

(except baby Ellie. She was in her stroller.)

--After the zoo, my parents joined us all for dinner. Will was sitting with his cousins and I heard him suggest, "Let's go talk to Grandpa. He's really smart!" Then he walked down, leaned on the table by my dad and asked, "So Grandpa, you want to talk about anything?" I love how much this little man adores his grandfather. We certainly made the right call naming Will after him.

--My multiples group had our used clothing and gear sale last week. Afterward, I was sorting through my remaining clothes and putting away some of the kids' summer things. I had a couple of totes sitting out while I sorted everything. The girls were playing and this is what I found when I went to check on them-

Julia and Paige put Izzie in a tote!

(don't worry she loved it- I could hear her giggling the whole time)

--The injury reports just keep coming. A few days ago, the kids were playing inside and playing 'Ring Around the Rosie.' They were all laughing and having fun. They had played many rounds when the ashes fell down a bit too hard. Paige bonked her head. I cuddled and comforted her, but she was really upset and kept telling me, "My head really hurts!" She hadn't broken her skin and I couldn't feel a knot or any swelling, so I wasn't too concerned. (Paige has always been quite sensitive and can carry on much longer than the others.) So, I was quite shocked and scared when she began vomiting. I called the pediatrician and they told me to bring her right in. I called the lovely Aunt Connie to come over and watch the others. When we got to the dr's, she gave Paige a neurological assessment. Thank God, Paige passed with no trouble. The doctor said that it was probably a very minor concussion and as long as she did not vomit again or show any other symptoms (which she did not), she wouldn't need a CAT scan or any further testing. I just kept a close eye on her for the day.

--To prove that Izzie had way too many injuries this summer, when I explained to the kids that Paige's head was hurt and I was going to have to take her to the doctor, Izzie asked, "Are you taking her to my hospital?" My hospital? Yeah, she definitely spent too much time there!

-- I'll file this under, It Will be Funny one Day. Just last night, we put the kids to bed like normal. Nothing out of the ordinary, tucked everyone in, gave kisses and didn't hear anymore from them. Then a couple of hours later, I heard voices in their room. I went upstairs to see what was going on. I found Drew and Izzie awake. In the dark, I went over to tell them to be quiet and go back to sleep. When I got closer, I could see something all over their little faces. That was when I saw a tube of lipstick and a lip liner in Izzie's hand. The little stinkers had snuck into my bathroom and swiped some of my makeup! I grabbed them and brought them into my bathroom where I could assess the damage in the light. I did make sure to snap one picture since I'm sure this will be funny eventually, but last night I saw red. Or more specifically, Clinique Berry Freeze lipstick!
It was awful! They had done quite a number on themselves and lipstick does not wash off easily. I ended up putting them both in the shower and scrubbing. Then I had to go in and examine their bedding. Not pretty! (thank God we have not gotten their new beds and bedding. I was angry enough with old sheets!) The bedding is currently being washed a second time in hopes of getting at least a bit more out. Is it wrong to put kids to bed in cages? Just wondering...

-- One last funny Will comment. This afternoon he and I went shopping for his Halloween costume. We bought one and he was so excited to get home and try it on and show Daddy. He said, "I'm going to go try on my costume. If I look fantastic, you can tell me." That little guy keeps me laughing!


  1. I'm so happy Paige is ok! You guys seriously need a break from injuries, geesh! I loved all the Will stories, he must keep you laughing all the time!
    I know the lipstick thing isn't funny for you, but I am laughing so hard right now! Someday it will be funny to you too. Good for you for taking a picture so you can look back on that memory and have a good laugh....someday.

  2. Will sounds like he is getting so funny! I love his question to his grandpa too! Reagan says "MY hospital too." You know you are definitely a mom of young quads with all the injuries going on over there. Glad she is okay but jeesh! As for the lipstick....Oh boy. Glad you snapped a picture. I got a mug shot of my older girls when they were about 4 - they drew with permanent marker all over each other's faces. I definitely took a pic and I definitely scrubbed hard. Not fun to get off. At least it wasn't lipstick on sheets!