Sunday, November 13, 2011

Give me a Wink

The other morning while the kids were eating their breakfast, I winked at them. This started everyone trying to wink. The results had me cracking up!

Julia could not wink at all,

but she kept trying and saying, "I wink, Mommy!"

Izzie would just blink really hard. Not quite honey...

Paige, however,

was pretty good.

She definitely could wink,

but the faces she would make while winking were killing me!

Look at that cute little wink!

What did Drew do when I asked him to wink?

Yeah, thanks buddy!


  1. Leave it to a DREW to be the clown!

    To cute!

  2. The pictures are all great...but you're right, Paige's face is adorable!!! Love the variety in everyone's takes. I'll have to try winking with my two to come if we have anything. HA!

  3. Those are funny! Thanks for the laugh! I can just picture them trying so hard to do that!