Monday, November 28, 2011


While I know a few people who had imaginary friends when they were young, I never did. Honestly, I have always assumed that they were really just for only children, or maybe an oldest before siblings. I grew up the fifth of eight children. I felt no need to imagine any more peers. A friend of mine had an imaginary friend, but she was 9 years older than her only sibling. My sister-in-law also had one, but she is an only child. So for years now, I have been certain that kids in the middle of a medium-to-large family would not create any imaginary friends. And I have been wrong.

Drew has an imaginary friend. I was so surprised! I mean he is a quadruplet, surrounded by kids all day every day. Several people have thought maybe he just wanted another boy around. Nope! His i.f. is a girl named Maggie.

We first heard about her a couple of months ago. He would just be playing and having a normal day, then he would mention his friend Maggie. We don't know anyone named Maggie, so I asked about her. He just answered me plainly like this was all very obvious and I should know these answers. When I wasn't able to figure out who she was, I asked him where he met her. He told me he met her at church. I couldn't think of any Maggies at our church. At Mass we usually sit with my sister-in-law Laura and her family. I called her and asked if she knew who Maggie was, thinking maybe it was a friend of hers or one of her kids'. Nope. She doesn't know who Maggie is.

Drew loves to talk about Maggie. She seems to like all the same things he does! This morning he told me that it was her birthday. We had a small nirthday party for her complete with singing and imaginary candle on and imaginary cake (Drew told me she blew them all out.) He told me that Maggie wanted to hold my hand, so I held a little imaginary hand. We continued playing, then nealry an hour later, Drew looked at me and scolded, "Mommy you aren't holding Maggie's hand anymore!" Oops! These imaginary kids are hard to keep up with!

So far we haven't had any trouble with Maggie-- I have heard of kids blaming things on their imaginary friends and antics like that. She seems pretty well behaved. My concern is more with Drew. Occasionally he will tell me that Maggie is really sick and might die. A few times she has died. Unfortunately, my children have learned about death recently with Stella and Meemaw. I guess that he is just using his i.f. to work on this idea. I just try to assure him that if Maggie, or anyone else, gets sick we will take them to the doctor and help them feel better.

While I was surprised that one of kids has an imaginary friend, so far it is actually kind of fun. Drew loves to talk about Maggie and tell us what she is doing or what she wants to do and I like to hear him talk about her. I'm interested in just how long Maggie will be staying with us. At least she is one kid that never makes a mess and doesn't create any laundry!

Isn't Maggie a lucky girl?

Who wouldn't want to be friends with this sweet boy?


  1. Aren't kids' minds fascinating??

    And, yes, Maggie is a lucky girl ;-)

  2. LOVE this!!! We don't have any imaginary friends around here, but this post makes me kinda wish we would get some. :)

  3. I am finally getting caught up on your blog! That is sweet. It's been a few weeks. Is Maggie still around? None of my kids had one though Ashley would sometimes tell me Mickey did something or Barbie wanted to do this and that. But that's about as far as it went. Sounds all sweet and innocent - and yes I think he is using his friend Maggie just to deal with things. My kids have always done strange things after Easter time and hearing the whole crucifixion story. They would play with their babies and say they were going to put them on a cross. And this year I remember Ashley saying in the bathtub that Jesus was going to die and go down the drain. ?? But like you say, I guess that's just their own way of working all that out.