Monday, December 5, 2011

The Christmas Parade

This weekend out city held its Christmas Parade and Walk. The weather was absolutely perfect! A bit cool to really feel like the holidays, but warm enough to be comfortable. We took the kids a met up with some of Rod's family. We all had a good time!

Back Row: nephew Evan, sister Laura, Aunt Connie, Paige and Rod

Front Row: niece Ana, Julia, Izzie (turning to see if the parade had started), Drew and Will

The girls had the best seats in the house!

(This picture cracks me up!! The girls are pulling the guys faces up and the resulting expressions are hilarious. I probably shouldn't post it, but Rod never reads this blog, so- oh well!)

The kids loved the parade!!

There was a marching band

And plenty of floats

(everything was lit up, so my pictures are terrible, but it was very pretty!)

Then we walked around and enjoyed some of the activities the city had arranged.

They had cut-outs


Delicious cookies-- With green frosting!

Julia (aren't those eyes too much?!?)

a big train display

and a couple of historic homes were decorated and offering tours

The crew on the porch of one historic home

(Will had gone off with his cousin Ana at this point. Some Nickelodeon star was there signing autographs. Will had no idea who she was, but wanted to be with Ana.)

It was a lovely night and such a fun kick-off to the Christmas season!


  1. What fun! And yes--those eyes are just beautiful!

  2. Julia's eyes are fantastic but I can't get over the top picture of Paige held by Rod! There is none of that odd three year old attempt at smiling for a picture just a perfectly beautiful smile on a perfectly beautiful girl! :-)

  3. OK that one picture is so funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning! And this post makes me think about my last post about everything being crazy, and how look at how happy they all are and what fun memories you are making. So while things are crazy busy, and sometimes it takes over the spirit of things, that's really only on my end. The kids are making so many great memories! So I will continue to do a million things I guess. Except this year I'm not doing a Christmas letter. Something had to go!