Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa Lunch

This weekend my multiples group had our annual Santa Lunch. We were really looking forward to it. It is always a nice event and the quads are at such a great age this year. They are really enjoying all of the Christmas preparations and were eager to talk to the big man.

Everybody was ready to go!

Once we got there we all ate lunch.



Will (practicing for GQ)

Mommy with Drew

The kids met with Santa and they did a great job! Nobody was too afraid. They all went and climbed on his lap. Some even told him what they want for Christmas.

Once all of the kids had a chance to sit and talk to him, Santa went to leave. Well, once he stepped off of the stage he was swarmed by my kids. The wanted one more minute with Santa.

Not sure what they're telling him here...

but he was wonderful and listened to every word!

The family


  1. I love the candy cane outfits! Everybody looks so cute and sweet! And it's different looking from everything that you normally see. Hope y'all are enjoying the season so far.

  2. The outfits are adorable! I love the family pic at the end! Merry Christmas to you guys! Keep bringing on the pics! Glad to be back in blogland. It's been a little more than crazy at our home! Hugs to you and your little ones!