Friday, January 21, 2011

Would You Like That Starched?

Oh my. In our area, we are on snow day #2. We have a lot of snow, but more than that-- it is freezing!! Eight degrees with a wind chill below zero. This weather is fit for neither man nor beast. I'm not leaving the house. Since we weren't going anywhere, we have had a pajama day. No one has gotten dressed. We've had a fun day playing together inside. The girls were in the living room playing with Will's Scooby-Doo Haunted Mansion. Drew and Will had on their superhero capes and were running around saving the world. A perfectly nice morning.

I left them all playing happily and went into the kitchen to get lunch started. After a few minutes, I heard Will say, "Uh... Mom? The babies got into something." I went to find out what had happened. Well, this is what I found...

I keep a box of corn starch by the changing pad for diaper rash.
They found it and emptied the entire box.

All over everything!!

The table and kids were easy to wipe clean and I was pleased with how well the couch cleaned up with the vacuum attachment. The carpet? Well, I've gone over it several times now and it is still not completely up. Good times, good times...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just Some Cute Pics...

Not much to report right now. Just hanging out and having a good time. Here are some pictures from this last week.

This weekend, my sweet niece Eleanor was baptised. After the baptism, my sister had a get-together at her house to celebrate. Here is Joanna holding little Ellie and my sister Karen holding her little Nora. I love that Joanna and Karen are smiling so pretty while Nora is passed out and Ellie is screaming.

I don't know what started this, but the other day at lunch, Paige started feeding Julia. They both loved it and it was adorable, so I grabbed a picture and let them continue.

Izzie taking her baby for a walk just like any other Mom. Well, any other Mom wearing no pants and cowboy boots...

The other day I was in the other room with Will when I heard Izzie and Julia laughing. I heard Julia yell, "We're riding our horsies!!" I went to see what they were doing and found them riding the arms of the rocker like horses. A better Mom might have made them stop right away, but I took a picture first!

The girls created a little secret hideout under the kitchen table! They were so cute! They brought over blankies and books and hung out reading books, chatting and laughing for a long time. It was girls only, though. They yelled for me when Will and Drew tried to crash their party.

There you go! Nothing major going on, just hanging out and having fun!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowy Fun... Or Not

We had more snowfall here in the last week. The kids get so excited when they see snow! They wanted to go out and play. I thought it would be good to let them go out and burn off a bunch of energy. After a solid half hour (minimum) getting everyone in their snow gear, we headed out.

Drew was so excited to get out there! He started his funny little Drew-chuckle immediately and smiled and laughed the entire time.

Paige really wanted to build a snowman (No-Man? as she kept asking), but the snow was really light and powdery. We weren't having much luck, so eventually we gave up the mission.

Drew making a snow angel

Ultimately, the kids ended up loving just throwing snowballs. Really, they were just throwing handfuls of snow (since it was so powdery), but they loved it.

They had a "snowball fight." No actual balls were formed and they weren't throwing it at anyone, but they stood there throwing snow for a long time and loving it!

Yeah, they were cute and they had a lot of fun. Sadly, however, their mother is a complete klutz. I was walking down the hill to the kids (which bundled-up two year olds had traveled with no trouble) when I slipped and fell in the snow. I twisted my knee really badly. Fortunately, it has been a day and a half now and it is starting to feel a bit better. I'm pretty sure that it's just pulled muscles- nothing too serious, but I'm still limping and quite pitiful (and really wishing we had bought a ranch!) Oh, yeah-- the best part is in two days my husband has a big work party and I'm supposed to wear high heels and dance all night. Uh, we'll see how that goes... I'm glad that the kids had a good time playing in the snow, but they aren't getting back out there until Daddy can take them.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Way Back When-esday

I was going through some old pictures, when I saw that this picture was taken exactly two years ago today! My little man Drew sacked out on his Boppy pillow. He would have been just over 4 mos old. Adorable even way back when...

I'm linking up for the first time over at Twinfatuation.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

You Never Know What These Kids Will Say Next...

The Question of the Week over at Multiples and More is about the cute things kids say. It seems like everyday at least one of my kids says something that makes me laugh out loud. I never know what they will say next. Here are some of my recent favorites...

This was actually a little while ago, but my sister-in-law brought over some costumes her kids had outgrown. Will was very excited to find a Batman (I guess...) costume. He ran around in this for a few days trying to make the quads his sidekicks. Drew was the only one who stuck around for long. Anyway, while we were waiting for the bus one day Will told me to watch for the Bat-signal while he was at school. If I saw one far away, I was to drive him there in the car. If I saw one close by, he would ride his bike there. If I didn't see one, I was to say, "Nothing to report, sir." He even made me practice my line before he got on the bus. I have no idea where he comes up with these!
Batman Will and his sidekick Super Drew

My husband has a formal event coming up for work, so I had to go dress shopping. I took Izzie with me for some one-on-one time. I was carrying her around on my hip and she was craning her neck and looking up at me kind of funny. I asked her what she was doing and she answered in her big loud voice, "I'm looking for any boogies in your nose Mommy!" Yeah, I was more than a little horrified. She made up for it just a few minutes later though. I was trying to decide between two dresses. I took them into the dressing room. When I slipped the second one on, she said, "Mommy, you look like a princess!" Well, that made up my mind. I didn't think that I would get a much better compliment than that!

Drew speaks the least out of the quads, but what he does say is simply adorable! Before Christmas he learned that Santa says, "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!" He loves to say that to people. Anyone. Our neighbors, the man we pass in the grocery store. It has become his standard greeting. The funniest part is that he is still saying this. Just last night I took him out to run some errands with me and he wished everyone we passed a , "Merry Christmas!"

The "Merry Christmas" is really cute, but it's not my favorite thing to hear Drew say. I have an old cell phone of mine that I let the kids play with. It has become a favorite toy of theirs. Whenever Drew gets a turn with it, he always has the same conversation. He holds the phone up to his ear and says, "Hello, Mommy? I love you! Okay, bye-bye!" Melts my heart!

Seriously, those eyes and the sweet talk...
He knows the way to my heart!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing in the New Year!

Every year my in-laws have a big New Year's Eve party. We have gone every year except last. Two years ago, when the quads were almost four months old, we took them and they slept in their car seats, but last year at 1 year and a few months, they were at a difficult age. They wouldn't have slept well there, but couldn't stay up late. This year, we decided we would try it again. My in-laws only live a couple of miles away, so we figured we could leave whenever we needed to and put them to bed. We didn't even head over there until there normal bedtime , 8:00 p.m., so we went ahead and put them in their jammies, so they would be ready for bed. Well, they surprised us all!

My little party animals stayed up all the way until midnight! They ate and mingled and danced (lots of dancing!) and even sang some karaoke until a little after midnight! Needless to say, as soon as we got home everyone went straight to bed and conked out. They even slept in a bit this morning. Nice way to start the new year.

Julia dancing with her friend Eva.

Julia was hilarious- she is a dancing machine! At one point the Macarena came on and everyone was doing the dance. She stayed out there and tried to figure it out. She never quite got the arms down (she would stick hers out and wave them around), but at the correct point she would put her hand on her little hips and shake them! Adorable! I definitely see some dance classes in our future!

The whole crew out on the dance floor

Julia kicking butt at the Limbo
(it helped that she was the shortest one out there;o))

Drew was ready for midnight!

Mommy and Paige watching the ball drop

Julia welcoming 2011

Izzie wishes everyone a happy new year!!

Will and his friend Emily
(Emily is our friends' daughter- she is 6 mos younger than Will
Won't this picture be cute when we show it at their wedding?)

The family just after midnight (please excuse the very tired Mommy)
Our first family photo of 2011

We had a great time ringing in the new year together.
I hope this year bring brings us and all of you happiness, success and peace!