Wednesday, August 31, 2011

These Kids Have Big Plans

This morning the girls were playing with a new dollhouse they got for their birthday. Drew came along stomping and growling, trying to knock down the house. I stopped him before he could do any damage and asked what he was doing. He informed me, "When I grow up, I want to be a monster!" I don't think that the kids have ever referenced "When they grow up" before, so I took the opportunity to ask the others what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Drew- Monster

Paige- Person on TV

Julia- (made Mommy proud!) Doctor. After hearing Paige's answer, she briefly changed her answer to, "A doctor on TV", but then went back to just a doctor.

Izzie- Aunt Connie (my husband's beloved aunt. She is like a rock star in our house!)

This is the first time that we have talked about their dreams for the future, so I want to make sure to remember their big plans!

A few other funny things that have been said recently----

I was trying to explain to the kids that Grandma and Grandpa were my parents. This was really weird to them. I went on to explain, "One day when you guys grow up and have kids, I'll be the grandma and Daddy will be the grandpa."
Drew then chimed in, "And I'll be Aunt Joanna." Yeah, they may not get it yet...

In other Aunt Joanna news, the kids were playing one morning and Julia informed me she was being Aunt Joanna. I asked her where Alex, Kate and Ellie (Joanna's daughters) were. Without missing a beat, she looked around and yelled, "Oh no! I lost my babies!"

Izzie seems to be learning the art of "butt kissing." A few nights ago, she was being quite naughty at the dinner table. She was sent to time out for a couple minutes. When I brought her back to the table, she said, "I like your shirt Daddy. That's a really good shirt." Little brown-noser ;-)!

I love watching these funny little personalities come out!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Medieval Times

A few weeks ago Rod's cousin, Alex, got married. He and his bride, Chapen, decided on a medieval theme and asked all five of my kids to be in their wedding. I have to admit that I had no idea what to expect. I had never been to a medieval wedding and had a hard time picturing one. It turned out to be a lovely day! Alex and Chapen were sweet and seem to be a great couple. My crew spent the day looking adorable in their outfits and chatting, laughing and dancing with family and friends. We had a great time and thank Alex and Chapen for allowing us to be a part of their big day!

Here are a bunch of pictures from the day. Sorry for the picture overload, but it was such a unique and special day!

Rod's Uncle Mark and Aunt Connie proudly walking their son down the aisle.

I don't know the names of all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, but they looked great.

(Rod's niece Taylor)

(Alex's twin brother Jarod was his Best Man)

Will was the Ring Bearer and he took his job very seriously!

Rod's niece Ana was a beautiful flower girl

Then the wedding planner lined up my quads. They were the "Butterfly Keepers." They had sticks with silk butterflies and ribbons. They were supposed to walk down the aisle waving them and calling, "Here comes the Bride! Here comes the Bride!"

They walked and kind of waved, but there was no calling (the one time these kids are quiet...) Oh well, I was very proud of all five of my kids. They were adorable and did a great job!

Then we were off to the reception!

With knights standing guard of course!

Some of the kids

(Drew, Emily(family friend), Will, Ana and Izzie)

My kids were ready to party! Shortly after dinner, the DJ began playing dance music. Will wanted to go out and dance, but Rod and I were still helping the quads finish eating and get cleaned up. We told him we would take him out in a second. Rod's sister Laura was sitting at the table next to us and her this. She said, "Come on Will. I'll go out and dance with you." They headed out to the dance floor and we continued fussing with the little guys. Suddenly, we hear cheering. I turn and see a circle has formed on the dance floor. Who do you think is in the middle? That's right. Will was out there busting some serious moves! Eventually we all joined him and everyone had a blast!



Paige dancing with her cousin Daniel

Izzie dancing with Aunt Connie

Alex and Chapen cutting their cake

The bride and groom met in class at Northern Kentucky University. Toward the end of the reception, we had a guest appearance by none other than Victor the Viking! The mascot of the NKU Norsemen. He came out to the school fight song and danced with several people before leaving. It was a fun surprise!


The girls (my boys were still off partying with the ladies)

Julia, Paige and Izzie

The getaway car!

We had so much fun attending and being a part of our first Medieval wedding. Congratulations to Alex and Chapen! We wish you two a lifetime of happiness!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Swing Set

With all of the craziness this summer, I forgot to post any pictures of a fun new development right in our backyard. We got a new swing set!! After a ton of shopping around, we picked one on-line and ordered it.

This was how it arrived. Boxes and boxes of wood pieces!

After a lot of hard work by Daddy and Grandpa

A lot of hard work...

We have a great swing set the kids love!

Under one slide is a sand box, under the other is a picnic table

A couple of swings and a glider

Mostly, though, the kids love the play decks!

They use them as a clubhouse. The last couple of weeks we have had beautiful weather and this was where you could find us most days. We have already logged hours and hours of fun on our new swing set.

Thanks so much Daddy and Grandpa!!

This is how our crazy-lady Izzie likes to swing. She throws her head back until it nearly touches the ground, then kicks her legs up and wraps the chains around her ankles. I have corrected her a dozen times about how to swing safely and correctly, but I can not count the number of times I have found her like this. I need to start wrapping that girl in bubble wrap...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Songs That Make US Sing Saturday... well Sunday

So I have seen several people linking up to a fun weekly link. "Songs That Make US Sing" by, (Not) Just Another Mom of Twins. I've never joined in for two reasons.
1) I mostly write about the kids and things to do with them
2) How could I pick one song? I almost always have a song going through my head and often walk around singing it out loud. (Yes, I've become my mother. I just have to accept it.)

Well, this weekend, both of those problems were solved. Saturday, we were out and this song came on. It is extremely sing-along-able (yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a word), so of course I was singing along. It made my day when Will joined in and sang with me (the "Oh, oh, oh"s at the end-- you can't not sing them) Like I said, I always sing, but what makes me seriously happy is singing with my kids. Love it!

Then today we were in the car again with the radio on (two days in a row of listening to the radio in the car instead of a kids cd. How did I get so lucky?) when this song came on again. Once it got into the chorus, Will recognized it and said, "Listen Mom. It's our song." So what's a mom to do? We turned it up and sang along-- loud. I loved it. I know that he won't sing along with me forever. In fact, he'll probably be embarrassed enough just by me singing (remember, I get this from my mom. I remember being a twelve year old in the back seat horrified that my mom always had to sing-- even when I had friends in the car!), so I'm definitely going to enjoy this while I can.

Here is 'mine and Will's song'!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Grade!

So today was the big day- Will's first day of 1st grade. He went to half-day kindergarten last year, so this was his first full school day. So far, so good. This morning went smoothly. He was very excited about school. Last year when he started preschool, my sister gave us the book "The Kissing Hand." If you have not read this book, you need to. It is a sweet book about a young raccoon who is nervous to start school. His mother kisses the palm of his hand and tells him any time he needs to, he can put his hand to his cheek and feel her love. We read it again this year and he was ready to go!

My big First Grader

He wanted to make sure and get one with his cool 'Mystery Machine' lunch box

waiting for the bus with our neighbor Cole

(he is a big 4th grader, but has always been very nice to Will)

Now, when the bus pulled up, Cole hopped on and suddenly Will ran over to me and whispered, "I'm scared Mommy." My heart just melted. Part of me wanted to just take him inside and tell him he could stay with me all day. Instead I gave him a hug and told him it would be great and he would have a good time. He didn't look entirely convinced, but he got on the bus. I love when my sweet little guy shows his tender heart.

He did get on the bus :-)

Then he got off this afternoon with only good things to say about his day. He said his teacher is very nice and he only needed to use his 'kissing hand' a few times. Seriously, the sweetest boy ever!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Izzie's Up & Down Week

This last week was quite a week for my little Izzie.

Up-- She got her cast off on Wednesday.

Down-- Thursday, she fell face first into the wooden base of the bed in our spare bedroom. Her nose immediately swelled and began bleeding. Profusely. It was terrible and I must admit, I didn't handle it well. Back when I was graduating high school and trying to decide what my college major should be, a teacher suggested that I consider nursing. While I have great respect for nurses and would enjoy parts of the job, I rejected the idea because I hate blood (and other gross bodily fluids) and don't deal well with emergencies. Guess what? I ended up in a career (motherhood) where both of these come into play. So Izzie, Julia and I were all freaking out (Julia saw the whole thing happen and the blood combined with Mommy losing her mind must have scared her...) while Izzie bled all over herself and me. In my panic, I called Rod and he came home from work. I was finally able to pull myself together enough to take Izzie to the emergency room.

The doctor there examined Izzie and said that her nose appeared to be broken, but otherwise she was fine. Her nose was still really swollen, so we would need to wait for the swelling to go down to determine if she needed surgery to set it. The doctor assured us that 90% of broken noses do not need to be set.

Up-- A few days later we took her to the pediatrician and she does not need surgery!!

Down-- Her nose still looks like this:

It is actually getting much better.

It is still a bit swollen, but the swelling has gone down a lot.

Also Down-- There is a very real possibility that this girl is going to give her mother a heart attack if this rate of injury continues. At the very least, a social worker will be visiting our home if we (God forbid) return to the hospital any time soon.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Catching up with Will's Birthday!

Well, in keeping with our zero-luck summer, my laptop died last weekend. I was able to use my husband's laptop in the evenings, but he kept hassling me that he had work to do. Hello!?! I need to facebook and blog. Where are that man's priorities?

I now have a new computer and a lot of catching up to do. I am still waiting on pictures from the wedding, so I'll skip ahead to my big boy's birthday. Will is six years old! Such a big man. He is a very curious guy and wants to understand how everything works. He has always been very into science, so for his birthday this year, we took the whole family to COSI. COSI (the Center of Science and Industry) is a hands-on science center in Columbus, OH (about an hour and a half north of us.) We had a blast and the kids really enjoyed playing and learning. I have a ton of pictures here, but there was so much for the kids to see and do!

My handsome 6 yo on the ride up

This was a cool harp the kids could play in the lobby. There were no strings, the music was made by lasers running through the open space. Really neat!

Will loved the area dedicated to space travel.

Here he is landing a space shuttle.


Julia and Paige

Will also loved "digging" up some dinosaur bones

He got Paige to help him

Drew really liked this digital finger painting

They had a great water table that the quads loved!





Hands down the kids favorite part was the construction area

Lachmann & Lachmann construction

Paige and Will


laying out her cones

working hard

Daddy and Drew helping Will build his home

We had such a great time that we ended up staying longer than planned and ran out of time for cake that night. We still sang 'Happy Birthday' and Will blew out a candle.

Happy Birthday to my big boy!