Saturday, September 17, 2011



For his birthday, Will got a rocket kit. He and Daddy worked together to assemble it and had even taken it for a test launch. Today, Will's friend Zach was over, the weather was beautiful and everyone was finally healthy. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to take everyone to watch the rocket!

The kids watched Rod get the rocket ready

Then he got it set on the launch pad

Everyone counted down,

the big boys pressed the button

and the rocket blasted off!!
(I love Julia covering her ears in the background!)

Then came the kids favorite part--Running to try to catch it!

Friday, September 16, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I absolutely LOVE fall weather and today was a perfect example of why. It was a little bit windy, but sunny, clear and the perfect temperature. While Will was at school, the little people and I got out to take a walk around the neighborhood. The kids were so darn cute, that I had to take a couple of pictures.

They've been doing such a good job at holding hands and staying together!

Izzie and Paige in front

Drew and Julia in back

(and yes, Julia took her purse with us)

They insisted on stopping to smell every flower we passed.

Loving this beautiful day and hoping this perfect weather sticks around for a while!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Year Checkup

The other day I took the crew to get their three year checkups. Once again, we got a clean bill of health! Everyone is growing and developing right on track. For my own records, I want to go ahead and put in their heights and weights.

Isabella-- Height: 38"(80%) Weight: 32 lb (60%)
Julia-- Height: 37"(60%) Weight: 29 lb (30%)
Andrew-- Height: 37"(60%) Weight: 33 lb (60%)
Paige-- Height: 36"(50%) Weight: 28 lb (20%)

We are so blessed to have such strong healthy kids!

While I always love hearing that my kids are doing well, my favorite part of their appointment came after the exam. Our pediatrician's office gives out little tokens to the kids they can use to get a prize out of machines after they behave through their appointment. There is a wide variety of little trinkets to choose from. Izzie and Paige each got a miniature plastic animal. Julia got a sparkly ring. There was one option that made me wonder why it was there. What kid would pick that toy? Oh yeah, Drew would.

Drew picked a false moustache.

(it was even grey!)

He loved it

He was so proud of his awesome 'tache!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Festival

Once again I have fallen way behind in my blogging. I still want to include a few things we have done recently. Last weekend was our church's festival. Even though we had an unusual drop in temperatures, we went and had a great time. It was such a big-kid day for us. We went without any stroller or wagon. We just held hands and everyone did a great job of staying together. The kids went on rides and played games and ate festival food (we learned that they love funnel cake-- and one funnel cake split seven ways goes pretty fast!)

They best part of the entire day had to be Elmo. Can you believe that he came to our festival?!?! The kids were so excited when they saw him walking through the crowd. We had to stop and get a picture taken with him (Unfortunately, I hadn't brought the camera so I had to use my phone.) Drew talked about it for days. He would say, "He was big and hairy, hairy, hairy!"

Drew, Julia, Elmo, Izzie, Will & Paige

While we were all excited to see Elmo, Mommy was less excited when the kids played a game and won goldfish. Excellent. We won three, but one didn't even survive the first night. The next morning we woke up and the kids wanted to check on the fish. I asked what they wanted to name them and Izzie didn't hesitate one minute. She pointed to the fish and said, "Dad and Emilio." In case you are wondering, I do not know anyone named Emilio and can't imagine where Izzie has heard that name. It cracks me up though so here are our new fish.

Emilio and Dad

(I have no idea which is which)

We had a great time at St. Cecilia's festival!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Quads' Third Birthday!!

Today was my babies' third birthday. Yes, they are three years old. Yes, they are still my babies. I've spent quite a bit of time lately thinking about the fact that a stage of my life is ending. Assuming I do not have any more children, I will never have a true baby again. We soon (hopefully) saying goodbye to diapers and cribs. While I am excited about these changes, it is hard to believe that a big and very special time in my life has ended. I love watching the kids grow and learn new things, but as the stages slip by, it does make me a little sad.

Enough of Mommy moping. On to the important people-- The birthday kids!

Unfortunately, our day did not begin well. All of the kids woke up with fevers. Julia and Paige had very low fevers, but Drew and Izzie were more like 101*/102*. Basically, they had no energy. They wanted to do nothing but lie around and cuddle with Mommy.

How we spent their birthday morning.

That was what we did all morning. Then everyone (sort of) ate lunch and took a nap. After nap, the crew had a bit more energy and they were in much better moods. We had to go pick Will up from Tae Kwon Do, so I just pulled pants on over their pajamas. The kids said they wanted to get dressed and go somewhere. We already had their birthday party (pictures coming soon), but we still had planned to go out to dinner tonight with my parents and two of my sisters. When everyone was feeling so lousy this morning, I had called my family and told them that we had to cancel. Well, once I saw they were feeling a bit better, I called Rod and we talked about it and decided to go ahead and take everyone out to dinner.

I'm glad that we did. The kids were still a bit under the weather, but they had a good time and it was nice to celebrate their big day.

Julia and Daddy

Izzie and Aunt Sara

(Izzie was definitely not 100%)

My beautiful niece Alex

When she saw me taking pictures of people, she came over and asked me to take hers. Seriously though, if you were this cute, wouldn't you want your picture taken all the time too?

We went out to a Mexican restaurant, so the servers brought out desserts for the kids along with sombreros for them to wear while we sang "Happy Birthday!"

Izzie blowing out her candle




The Four Amigos

My kiddos

Now, the annual comparison pictures...

I do not have their one month or one year pictures on my computer, but you can find them here.

Two Years Old (9/8/10)

Three Years Old (9/8/11)
***Paige is actually smiling. She isn't looking at the camera, but she is smiling!!***

This is them showing off their muscles.

Showing how big they are!

This is their 'funny face' shot

I love these silly little people. Let's hope that they continue feeling better.

Three amazing years...