Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Little Grunts

This weekend, our nephew Dylan graduated from Marine Corp boot camp. He was happy to come home for a few weeks and we were happy to get to see him. Earlier today we went over to my in-laws to visit with him for a bit.
(I forgot to bring my camera, so forgive the cell phone pictures)

Paige, Izzie, Dylan, Drew, Julia and Will
Dylan showing Paige how to do a push-up
She may need to work on her form...
Izzie thought Dylan needed to work harder. Added 30 lbs to his workout!
Congratulations on completing basic training Dylan! We are so proud of you!


  1. How cute!

    Congrats and a big thank you to Dylan!

  2. Yay for your nephew! We have a marine corps and army recruitment center really close to our house and we often see them out there training. I always make a big deal about to my kids about the new soldiers!

  3. Awesome! That is so cool. Also, I loved hearing how you picked your kiddos names, you have such a beautiful family!