Monday, February 20, 2012

Big Boy Bunk Bed

Yep. It's time for big kid beds. For Drew, this not only means a new bed it means a new room. The quads have shared a room since they came home from the hospital. We are finally splitting them into "the boys' room" and "the girls' room." In the boys' room, we went with a bunk bed (Mommy lost this battle.) Tonight was the first night it was ready and both boys were going to sleep in it.
All of the kids were excited to explore the bed.
They call the top bunk 'upstairs' and the bottom 'downstairs.'
Drew all tucked in and ready to sleep.
(we discovered the side rail we bought doesn't fit the bed. Hence, the pillow on the floor.)


  1. Upstairs and downstairs! Priceless!

    Thanks for sharing how you handle such a big event. We aren't there yet but have wondered...

    You'll have to post an update and share the girls' experience and how the first night went :-)

  2. Wow! That is big news and very exciting! How's it working out? I'm guessing you're going to be having some interrupted nights for a long while? Shoot - ever since we got rid of the cribs they've been pretty well interrupted. Oh well. That's the way it goes! Does Will like sharing a room?

  3. So glad you stopped by my Five Kids blog! We Beths with 5 must stick together. ;)

    I look forward to following you!