Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oklahoma with Singletons

The other weekend, my nephew Evan was in his high school's production of Oklahoma! He was the male lead, Curly. Rod and I made plans to go on Sunday afternoon and arranged for my sister to watch the kids. As we were getting ready to leave, Julia asked if she could come with us. Rod said no and she accepted that. I kept thinking about it, though. We had already agreed that we couldn't take all 5 kids. Trying to keep four 3yo sitting still and quiet through a 2 hour play is just not always possible. We didn't want our kids to disturb everyone. While taking all of them may be too much, taking Will and one little one was certainly manageable. Since Julia had asked (and is our most likely to sit quietly), she and Will came along with us.

First of all, I have to say that Evan was wonderful! I knew that he could sing, but I was really impressed by how good he was. I may be biased, but I think that anyone there would tell you that he was the best singer and actor there. We are so proud of him!

The entire experience though, was a bit surreal. Rod and I try to split up the kids frequently and spend quality time with just one or two. What made this day different was that Rod and I both were out with only two kids. Typically, one parent would be home with the other kids, but not today. This was a real glimpse at what might have been if our second pregnancy had been a singleton.

Every single thing was different down to us driving around in a normal vehicle. Two adults and two kids fit in a mid-size sedan with no problem. No full size van for us. We went out to lunch before the show. We walked in and asked for a table for four and one was ready in just a few minutes. No waiting for a table or tables large enough to seat seven. We were able to chat and color with the kids while we waited for our food. No strangers stopped by to ask about our children or their conception. Lunch for four isn't as expensive. Play tickets for four aren't as expensive. During the play, Julia got a bit bored and squirmy. I was able to pull her into my lap and she behaved the rest of the time. Can't fit four kids in my lap.

Evan with Julia and Will

After the play, we went home. The kids were all so excited to see each other again! Everyone was laughing and hugging. You would think they hadn't seen each other in weeks! We played for a bit, had dinner and then let the kids play in the bath tub for a while. After everyone was tucked in that night, Rod and I talked about it and agreed. Having two singletons would have definitely been easier, but it would not have been nearly as much fun!


  1. one stopped by to ask about conception...HA! I get that question enough with twins, but I'm sure you hear it "multiple" times more than we do! ;)

    So glad you had fun, and how sweet that everyone was so thankful to be "reunited"!

  2. Yes we've had a few moments like those - where we are just with two. Actually we are with two a lot because they are easily divided into their respective pairs. BUT...sometimes it is at weird moments - like only having two at a restaurant is weird. But it is quite nice! We took all 4 to a high school production of the Wizard of Oz last month and the little girls behaved great! But a year ago probably would have been a different story. It is getting fun to be able to do that kind of stuff and not have to worry about someone staying home with the other two. Just bring them all! (And pay and arm and a leg for it!)

  3. What a cool experiment, knowing you would soon be back with the rest of your kiddos soon!

  4. It is so good to take just one or two out, occasionally. Glad you had the opportunity.

    I'm sure everyone thought, "Oh. The perfect family. One boy and one girl." :)

    Just last night, my hubby and I took our two teens out to dinner, and left the 4 younger ones at home with one of our older sons and his wife. It was so fun to just go out with the two of them.

    Of course, my favorite conversation with strangers is when we take "all" 6 of our kids out (the ones that still live at home). People always say, "Are these ALL your kids???" To which I laughingly respond, "Oh. Yes, these are our kids ... but this is only 1/2 of them. We have 6 older kids, too."

    Hope your day is BLESSED!

    Laurel :)