Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cell Phone Photo Dump

Here are some pictures taken on my cell phone on the last couple of weeks.

I made some summer dresses for the girls.
Izzie tried hers on, and Drew tried on Paige's.

On our way to a doctor's appointment, Julia was sitting in the car reading.
She looked so grown up I had to take a picture.
Then she sat in the big examination chair,
and I was reminded that she's still a little peanut. :-)
About a week and a half ago, Paige woke up with a swollen eye.
The Dr. wasn't certain what it was, but a combination of antibiotics
and antihistamines cleared it up after a few days.
Aaahhh... How I love going to the doctor every few days!;-)
Until it cleared up, Mommy's sunglasses kept her looking cool!
The weather has been beautiful. We've enjoyed some park time.
Julia and her cousin Kate
Drew went fishing with Daddy for the first time.
And I got to get away to Indianapolis to enjoy lunch with a few other quad-moms!


  1. Yay for lunch with the girls!

    I love that picture of Drew fishing! I see he didn't wear the sundress ;-)

  2. Drew in the dress made me laugh. Dax used to flip out when he would come home and Wyatt was dressed in the girls' dress up clothes. lol

  3. They ARE looking so grown up! When did that happen? You look great too! How nice to go to lunch with other moms who can relate. Drew in the dress made me laugh too, especially how matter of factly you explained it. :)

  4. Lots going on at your house! Cute dresses! I'm very impressed you have a sewing machine out! I'm begging someone to come to my home and help me get mine up! You've had a lot of medical stuff going on. Hugs to you and happy spring!!!