Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finally! A Snow Day!

Our weather this winter has been incredibly mild. While I don't like the years where we have tons of snow and ice, it just doesn't feel like winter without at least one or two snowfalls. We hadn't had any snow all year, but we finally got a little bit yesterday. It wasn't much, but it was snow. My sister-in-law Laura and niece Taylor invited us over to go sledding.
Taylor giving Laura, Izzie and Paige a push.
Unfortunately, the sun was melting the snow faster than we could sled,
but we still had fun playing outside.
The girls on the tire swing.
Paige climbing the swing set.
Drew on the glider.


  1. We had a small snow in mid-January, but the girls were a little snotty, so we didn't get out in it. I was SO hoping we'd get some snow on Sunday / Monday, but we didn't see an ounce.

    Hubby has only missed one day of school this year...in comparison with 16 DAYS last year! Crazy the difference a year makes!

    Glad your crew got to enjoy it for a bit!

  2. Snow? What's that??

    Looks like fun.

    A Snow Lover in NC

  3. So fun! Sledding's something we'll have to get on a plane to do!