Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today was a big day for us! We took the kids to see the Cincinnati Children's Theatre's presentation of Rapunzel. Will has been to several plays and we took Julia to see her cousin in his high school play, but for most of the kids, this was their first play. I'm happy to say that they did a great job!

I love going to see plays and musicals and always dreamed of sharing them with my kids. I have wanted to take everyone to see something for a while, but was nervous about how they would do. I was looking for something kid-friendly that would hold their interest. A few weeks ago, I saw that this play was being put on and that tickets were still available. I decided that this was the perfect opportunity. I talked it up to the kids- explaining that the actors would be singing and telling the story on stage and we would sit still and quiet in the audience and watch. I even went ahead and bought some Rapunzel dresses for the girls to wear and outfitted Drew in his dragon costume (I was sad to hear that Will is now too cool to wear costumes :-(). We brought my mother-in-law along for an extra set of hands, and we were ready to go!

Everyone getting settled in before the show started.
(yes, they were as excited as they look!)
Grandma, Julia, Izzie, Paige, Drew, Will and Rod
They play was cute and funny. It was also quick-moving and fairly short (right around an hour.) It was the perfect starter-play! The entire family has a great time and I can't wait to go to more shows!


  1. So glad to see everyone had a great time! Going to plays with Em and Drew is something I look forward to as well!

    Love the costumes!

  2. That IS the perfect play! We did Disney on Ice last year with all of them and I remember the liberating feeling it was (and just the joy of going) that we could all do that. 2 months ago we also took them to the high school's Wizard of Oz. I was afraid the little ones wouldn't be able to handle that long but they did great! I love musicals too! We have so much in common it seems. :)