Thursday, March 29, 2012

We Sing the Songs,,,

...That Make the Whole World Sing! Ah, yes. A loving nod to Barry Manilow. Who doesn't love Barry?
As I have mentioned before on this blog, I love to sing. I sing all the time. I sing all sorts of songs, rock, country, standards, songs I make up about the kids... I sing all of them. The kids have definitely caught my love of music and sing a lot- with me and on their own. Lately, I have enjoyed several musical moments I want to remember.
-- Like I said, I often make up songs and put the kids names in them. I often sing "B-I-N-G-O" with different words. I sing, "There was a mommy had a baby, and (insert kid's name here) was his/her name-o." It works perfectly because each of my girls' names is five letters long and each of the boys' is four, but with a 'W' (which takes up two spaces.) I've sung this song for years now, so the kids know it. The other day, I found Julia singing it with her own spin on it. Julia is an unapologetic Daddy's girl. She absolutely adores him and makes it known. She was singing, "There was a Julia had a father and Daddy was his name-o!" I had to help her with the letters, but she learned to add, "D-A-D-D-Y" really quickly. Needless to say, Rod melted.
-- At Christmas, the girls were given dolls that came with miniature red wagons. They like the dolls, but they love the wagons. They love to pull things around the house and the yard in them. The other morning, I found Izzie sitting in one, with her sisters pulling her around the house. She sat in the wagon holding a toy microphone and singing her heart out. It was a little one woman parade and it was abolutely adorable.
--Will and I were in the car listening to the radio when "I Love Rock N Roll" came on. I (of course) began singing along. Will asked what the song was and I told him that it was one of my favorite songs when I was about his age. He thought that was neat and by the end was singing along with me. Later that day, I found him playing on his own and singing "I Love Rock N Roll." It was a proud moment.

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  1. I love to sing too! No wonder we both like musicals! Except I can't make up songs. But Kaitlyn and Ashley are great at it! And both of them at a young age started singing vibrato! It's hilarious! I hope we have some good singers in the family. :)

    Oh, Paper Jamz guitars have I Love Rock N Roll on them so now my kids know that song too!