Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gone Fishin'

For the last couple of years, Rod has taken Will fishing fairly often.  Every couple of weeks, the two of them will head out to see what they can catch.  We have a couple of small lakes locally where they occasionally go, but most of the time, they fish at Rod's Uncle Mark's.  Mark has a nice lake on his property with a small dock. The lake is full of bass and bluegills. Will loves to go there!

I know that Will enjoys a little special time with his dad.  You know, time for the two of them to do 'manly' things ;-)  Also, I have never been a fan of fishing.  I am apparently quite delicious, so the mosquitoes try to eat me alive and there is no way I am touching a fish (shudder)!  All of this combines to say that I have always left this as something for just Rod and Will.

Well, recently Will has been asking if I would go fishing with them.  I have no interest at all in fishing, but what can I say-- I adore that kid.  So last weekend, we got my sister to come over and stay with the little kids for a couple of hours and Will, Rod and I all went fishing

We had a nice time.  I would still not say that I like fishing, but it is definitely more fun when you get to watch your little boy hanging out and fishing like a big man.  The sun was setting and the lake was pretty, so I got a few pictures of my guy in action.  He loved showing me how to do things and being my coach.  He is really growing up!

 Will fishing off the dock.

Rod and Will

Yes, I did catch one fish, but I still was not touching it.
Here is Will proudly displaying my catch.


  1. I love that the three of you got a "date" together, and I can only imagine how much Will enjoyed showing you the ropes. And such gorgeous pictures you took, too!!!

  2. I love how he looks so proud of the fish you caught!