Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lots of Small Steps for the Lachmann Kids...

One Giant Leap for the Lachmann Family!  Today was a big day for us.  Will had the day off for our state's primary, so I took the five kids to the zoo.  We've been to the zoo dozens of times, but this time was different.  Look at this picture...
 What do you see?  Or more to the point, what don't you see?
No stroller, no wagon.  That's right, free-range kids!!

 We met up with Joanna and her girls. 
Here are all of the kids (minus Ellie who was in her stroller.)

Izzie, Julia, Will, Paige, Drew and Alex on a crocodile.
Or is it an alligator?  I have no idea how to distinguish the two... 

Will, Paige and Izzie watching a peacock.

Julia playing in the turtle shell in the children's zoo.

Overall the kids did a great job.  They held hands and stayed together.  I was quite anxious the whole time, but hopefully this will get easier and easier for me as we do more and more without any restraints of any sort.  I know the kids love the freedom.  Big bonus-- super tired kids after walking the hills of the Cincinnati zoo all day!


  1. WOW!!! My hat is off to you, Beth! Such a fantastic "mommy milestone"!

    We've never had the stroller at the zoo, but we've always had two of us / one adult per kid. I know that had to feel some kind of great (at least once you were home, safe and sound!)! I definitely understand how "anxious" you must have felt during the trip! :)

    Way to go, Mama! And hats off to your kiddos, too. I know you couldn't have done it if they weren't so well behaved.

  2. I am very impressed! I have never gone to the zoo without another adult! So you get off for school for the state primary? Not here! Is that so the teachers can vote? What about all the parents who now have kids with them that they have to go vote with? Our primary is coming up and I'm going to have to figure out how to go vote with kids in tow. :)

  3. You go, Beth! We've taken the kids strollerless, but only with a 1:1 ratio. :)

  4. Wow!! Looked like they had a great time! I've never taken my 4some anywhere by myself.