Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Interview

I found this fun list of questions to ask your kids over at my friend Mandy's blog.  I was curious and wanted to see what my silly kids would say, so I decided to put my crew in the hotseat.  Rod was at work, so I had to do the questioning myself, but I made sure to separate the kids so they couldn't steal each other's answers.  Some of the answers were what I expected, some surprised me and some just left me laughing and scratching my head.  Par for the course, I guess...

If your mommy were an animal, what kind would she be?
Will- a funny monkey
Izzie- a dinosaur
Julia- a kangaroo
Drew- a giraffe
Paige- a giraffe
--yes, the kids were separated and Drew and Paige each came up with a giraffe on their own.  I don't think that any of these animals would be my first choice, but they are all animals my kids love, so I'll take them.

My mommy is as pretty as……………
W- a flower
I- a rose
J- Grandma
D-a princess
P- a giraffe
-- Izzie's answer made me smile.  Her middle name is Rose and I often say, "Isabella Rose is as pretty as a rose."  I guess it stuck.  As for Julia's, I do look like my Mom, so I guess that works.  Paige's?  Well, okay.

I love my Mommy because...............
W- you're the nicest Mommy in the world!
I- you feed me.
J- I like you.
D- I love you.
P- you are Daddy's wife.
--Will clearly knows how to sweet talk his Mama!  Izzie, well she could take a lesson there.  Guess I'd better keep the meals coming.  Again, I'm not really sure where Paige's answer came from.

My mommy says the most important rule is……………
W- do not hurt anybody.
I- I don't remember.
J- go in the potty.
D- don't hurt people.
P-no fighting.
-- clearly, I have been refereeing quite a bit lately.  Well, that and potty training.  Also, I have to say this is not the first time Izzie has forgotten the rules around here :-)

What food does your mommy make best?
W- sloppy Joe
I- macaroni
J- lasagna
D- peanut butter & jelly
P- cereal
-- Yes, I am quite the gourmet.  At least my lasagna got a mention!

My favorite thing to do with my mommy is……………
W- hug.
I- helping.
J- help wash dishes.
D- play puzzles.
P- play pretend.
--  Awww Will.  I love hugging him too!  The girls really do love to help me do things.  I hope that desire to help and clean sticks around.

Nobody is better than my mommy at…………
W- cooking.
I- making lunch.
J- writing people's names.
D- puzzles.
P- playing.
--After the question about my best dish, Will's answer is in debate.  Maybe I should have given Izzie a snack before asking her these questions.  She seemed to really have food on her brain.  Julia's answer?  Nope, no idea.

What makes your mommy laugh?
W- me
I- funny
J- jokes
D- playing
P- funny faces
-- All true answers.

Thanks to Mandy for letting me play along.  I love to get a glimpse into my kids little minds :-)


  1. I like the Mother's Day Interview. Kids give the funniest answers. I started Multiples Monday on my blog, Capri + 3 one week ago. There are a couple of hours left today to link up. Otherwise, please come by and add a link to a recent or beloved post next Monday (and every Monday). It is a chance for blogs about multiples to read about each other's families each week and form a sense of community while new readers experience your blogs. I'd love to see you there.
    : 0 ) Theresa

  2. These are all great! You feed are Daddy's wife...writing people's names...those are my personal faves. :)

    Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day, Beth, x5!!!

  3. Today is Brian's birthday so I'm trying a daddy version of this. Thanks for the idea. :-) Your sister, Cathy

  4. I loved these! Seriously this brought a huge smile to my face! Maybe I will do it. Happy belated Mother's Day to a truly amazing mom!

  5. HILARIOUS!! Will have to try this next year with my crew. :)