Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Cell Phone Pics

Again, here is a look at our week in pictures.  These are pictures I've taken on my phone of funny or cute moments with the kids.

 Julia taking a break on the picnic blanket during Will's baseball game.

 My little tom-boy Paige

We went to my SIL Laura's for a party but weren't planning to swim, so I didn't bring swimsuits.  It was really hot and a few people got in the pool, so the kids were begging to get in. 

 We ended up letting them get in the hot tub in their underwear. 
They had a blast!

Drew taking a break. 

Princess Julia decked out in some play jewelry.

This picture cracks me up.  I think it perfectly captures Drew's funny life.
 He has an enormous Nerf gun of Will's. 
He is also carrying a little satin fairy purse full of extra bullets.
He is a tough little boy trapped in a girly-girly world :-)

We had a big outing this week!  We took the entire family to the movies together.  This was the quads' first time to the movie theater.  We saw The Lorax. 
Everyone liked the movie and they were so well behaved!

Another great week with our family!

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  1. What did we do before cell phone cameras?? (I know I wouldn't have half the pics of my kids that I do!)

    Love all the pics, but can I just say again how much your Drew reminds me of my Drew??