Saturday, September 15, 2012

Four Year Statistics

I took the quads to the doctor for their 4 yr checkups the other day.  Since I use this as their baby book, I want to jot down their height and weight statistics so I'll remember them.  The rest of the appointments (including the 5 shots each, the freaking out, the crying, the fighting, the begging...), well, I'm just hoping to one day be able to forget.  Both appointments (I took them two at a time instead of all four at once since I knew there would be a lot of shots.  I should have taken them one at a time.) were absolutely terrible, but the good news is-- They are over!!!  Woohoo!

So on with the good news!  All four kids are big and strong and healthy.  Everyone has met every milestone and then some.  It's just incredible to think back to my teeny tiny 3 and 4 pound preemies.  I was so worried about their health and development.  Look at them now!

Here are the numbers!

               Weight (%)         Height (%)
Izzie        36.5 lb (50-75)   41.5 in. (75-90)
Julia        33.25lb (25-50)  40.5 in. (50-75)
Drew       36 lb (50)           40.5 in. (50)
Paige       32 lb (25)            39.75 in. (50)

Everyone looks great!  We are so blessed!!


  1. Those are tall babies you have!

    So glad everyone got a good report!

    And I'm just closing my eyes and ears as you talk about the shots. I'm dreading that in January, already! ;)

  2. Yay for another great well-check!

    And, yes. How far we've all come from worrying and fretting over those little ones!