Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Homecoming! (x4)

This year the quads turned four.  They are becoming more aware of the festivities surrounding birthdays.  They were very excited about celebrating their big day and picking their cake.  There's the rub.  One day, four kids.  How are we supposed to decide on a cake?  It hardly seems fair to have to vote on your birthday cake.
The solution we came up with was to also celebrate each quad's 'Homecoming Day'- the day that child was sent home from the NICU.  On each kid's Homecoming Day, that kid got to pick a special dinner and I made a cake decorated how they wanted.  It seemed like the least we could do.
 Julia came home first.  She wanted a pink cake and we had lasagna for dinner.

Izzie was second.  She asked for a Rapunzel cake and had a very specific menu for dinner. 
Macaroni and cheese, blueberries and strawberry yogurt.

Paige was third.  She wanted a blue cake and we had pizza for dinner.
Drew was last.  He wanted a Batman cake and Chicken Parmesan for dinner.
The downside to our plan is that the kids came home within five days.  Yes, we had four cakes in five days.  In an attempt to limit the cake, each kid got one 9" round, so it was really only half a cake each night, but believe me-- That is still a lot of cake!
Oh well, it was totally worth all of the cake that got thrown away.  The kids all knew when it was 'their day.'  They would talk about it all day long.  The looks on their faces when we sang to them in the evening (We sang 'Happy Homecoming' to the tune of 'Happy Birthday') made it official.  We now have four new holidays to celebrate each year.  In many ways, the quads are lucky to share their big day and the special bond that goes along with it, but every kid should get to pick their own birthday dinner and cake, Right?


  1. You are such a good mom to make sure that each kiddo has their own special day! I've wanted to do the same thing, but two of mine came home on the same day. It sounds like they all loved having their own day, and I especially love Izzie's food choices!

  2. You are brilliant and what a great idea..after 2 I would probably give up..LOL...Hey I dont know if you changed your website in the past year but I have been a long long time follower but havent seen you in so long...You are on my blog roll and until today it said you hadnt updated in a year..something was confusing...anyway I am glad I came over and good to read about you again......


  3. Love those cakes! My kids all came home on the same day, so I think we're stuck with just celebrating one birthday. Probably better for my waistline that way, though! LOL

  4. That's a great idea!!! My 4 all came home within 5 days of eachother as well, so we would have the same too much cake delima :)
    This year I also tried a birthday week...they just turned 2 so they didn't know any different, but it was a lot of celebrating in 5 days.

  5. I love it and think that was such a fantastic idea. It's hard enough to make my two feel special on their special day that they have to share, I can't imagine split by 4! And you did a good job on the cakes! I was wondering how close together it all was, thinking that's still a lot of cake! Oh well - I'm sure none of your kids complained. How sweet and happy birthday to them!

  6. Okay, so much here impresses me! Your ingenuity, your baking prowess, your fabulousness...

    Happy homecoming to Drew, Paige, Izzy, and Julia!

  7. What a great idea? Why not make cupcakes then decorate them different for those days. Still a lot of sweets but not as much.

  8. What a great mom!!!

  9. That's a great idea!! We had to come home on the same day so we might still have an issue even doing it that way. LOL Since they were old enough to choose I've let each child pick their own party theme and they each had their own cake, invitations, plates, etc. to go with that theme. Once they started school they were in separate classes so they were each inviting different people anyway. But it certainly does make for a lot of work crammed into one day.