Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Around Here

Yeah, I know.  I'm so far behind there is no way I can catch up, but I'm just going to jot down a few things that have been going on around here. 
--Unfortunately, we have spent a lot of time sick.  I mean A LOT of time.  Luckily, we haven't seen anything too serious, but lots of smaller sicknesses.  We've had a stomach bug make the rounds a few times (eewwww...), pink eye, lots of infected ears, asthma flare-ups...  It has been really bad.  In the entire month of November, there were only 4 days that all five kids went to school.  December hasn't been much better.  Preschool is kicking our butts!
--In more sad news, my little sister Karen moved.  And not just across the state or to a neighboring state.  Nope, she and her family moved all the way to Portland, Oregon!  So sad.  I know that I have been spoiled to have all of my siblings living within about 90 minutes for most of my life, but I am so sad that they are now on the other side of the country.  I am excited for them starting a new adventure, but I'm really going to miss my sister, her husband and their sweet kids.  Right before they left, they had their daughter Nora's second birthday party.  Look how adorable she is enjoying that cupcake!

This may not be a great picture, but here are seven of us eight siblings at Nora's party.
(unfortunately, my brother Tom wasn't there)

--With all of the sickness, the kids have felt some sensations they had never experienced before.  While I hate to hear that they aren't feeling well, they find interesting ways to put words to these feelings. 
Julia was coming down with a fever and got weepy eyes one day.  As she was wiping her eyes, she told me, "Mommy, my eyes keep drooling."
Drew's asthma was pretty bad and it broke my heart when he woke me up to tell me, "My breath hurts."
Julia is quite a trooper.  She spent an entire night vomiting.  The next morning, she was sleeping in our bed while Rod and planned the day.  The girls had ballet class that evening.  While Julia was obviously going to have to miss class, I told Rod I needed him home to watch her, since I couldn't keep her in the waiting room with me.  We were surprised when she spoke up (we had thought she was still asleep) and said, "I can just take my barf-bucket with me." (and, no.  we didn't take her up on her offer.  we kept her home.)

--In much happier news, the girls had their first ballet recital.  Miraculously, all were healthy enough to dance.  They did a great job.  All of them got up on stage and danced.  They didn't necessarily do the same moves at the same time, but they got out there and performed!  I was so proud.
My sweet, sweet ballerinas
--A recent conversation with Will-

Will: Don't you with we had a lot of kids?
Me: Well, five kids is pretty many.
Will: Yeah, but don't you wish you had like a hundred kids and they were all my age and they all liked wrestling and fart jokes?
Yep, that would be like a dream come true...;-)
--Our lovely niece, Taylor, was crowned Miss Independence a few weeks ago.  The kids were thrilled!  We went to see her in the Christmas parade and the girls were so excited to see her in her crown just like a real princess!
--This morning, the kids were all playing. The girls went down to the basement to play while Drew was on the first floor. He came to me and asked, "Where are the others?" I didn't know what he meant and asked, "The other what?". He looked confused for a second, then said, "The other 'me's." I asked, "You mean your sisters?" He nodded.
For the record, none of my kids are identical and he is the only boy. Life with multiples is funny:-)
Hopefully, I'll be back soon with our Christmas preparations. 


  1. Sorry y'all have had so much sickness. I hate it when things like that put a damper on the holidays. This is finally my 2nd year in a row where I've been able to really get a lot done and enjoy the season, but I know several people going through health issues which means lots of time in the doc's office. Hopefully you all are better and I'm wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Sorry to hear that the icky bug found y'all, too! We've all been down in one way or another for about two weeks here. No drooling eyes, though ;-)

    I can't imagine my sister moving that far away. Like you, I have been lucky to have all of my family within 20 minutes (yes, my husband says we need to cut the cord!)

    I can't wait to hear all about your Christmas! It's 3am here, and Santa woke me up and now I can't sleep. So, I do what any mom blogger does...catch up on blog reading!

    Merry Christmas, friend!

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