Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My sweet, funny Isabella Rose is a one of a kind! She speaks very well and she speaks a lot. Constantly. While none of the quads are identical, some people have a hard time remembering which is which. A friend of mine came over after not having seen the kids for a few months. As the kids and I greeted her, I asked if she knew who was who. She said she knew which one was Izzie. I thought she may remember Izzie's round face or blond curls, but no. She said, "Izzie was the first one to talk me when I came in and hasn't stopped since. I remember that she is your talker." Yep, she's my talker.
It's not just the amount that she talks (in a high, squeaky mouse voice, no less.) It is her funny perspective on the world. She somehow manages to be 100% confident in herself without being at all nasty or rotten. She is certain that she can do anything she wants and deserves everything. She is whip smart and hilarious. She challenges me and some days pushes me to the edge, but she always keeps things interesting around here!
Here are some of her recent gems!
-- Izzie is lucky enough to have a ton of thick curly hair. Unfortunately, she has a tender scalp and absolutely hates having her hair brushed! One day as she was crying while I brushed her hair I told her if she wanted, we could cut her hair shorter and it may be easier to care for. I added that I would hate to cut it since it is so beautiful, but I would. She patted her pretty blond hair and said, "Yes, it is very beautiful." Vanity is stronger than a sensitive scalp.
-- Sadly, Izzie was sick for a little while around the holidays. One night she woke up vomiting. The next morning Rod asked her if she was feeling better. She said, "Last night I coughed all of the food out of my belly." I guess that is how a three year old understands vomiting. Pretty decent (though possibly too colorful) description.
-- She also turned a colorful phrase to warn us when she may vomit again. She told me, "My belly is full of fire!"
-- One day I took Paige and Izzie out with me to run a bunch of errands. We had gone to a couple of stores and stopped for lunch. I asked the girls, "Where should we go next?" Izzie calls out, "California!" I said, "Well, I was thinking we would go to the bank." Izzie replied, "Oh, okay. Either California or the bank." It's important to dream big, but still be flexible ;-).
--That same day when I was out with Izzie and Paige, I had to take a dress in to be altered. While I was trying it on and the seamstress was marking it, Izzie was chattering on and on with all of the ladies. I'm so used to her dominating any conversation that I barely noticed until one of the seamstresses spoke up and asked, "Does the little one talk?"(Paige is a bit smaller than Izzie.) I answered that, yes, Paige can talk. Getting a word in edgewise is just a challenge!
--Another time I took Will and Izzie shopping. Izzie picked up a toy she wanted. I gave her my usual brush off, "Not today honey." Izzie put the toy back on the shelf and sweetly said, "Okay. We'll come back for it tomorrow." So funny. Her demands may be delayed, but not denied!
--Izzie absolutely loves the movie Annie. Some days she will declare that she is Annie and will often stay in character most of the day. On these days, she typically insists that Drew is her dog, Sandy. God love him, Drew plays right along with her. The other evening, we were all sitting down eating dinner and Drew starting talking. Izzie immediately cut him off and commanded, "Sandy, no talking, boy!" and Drew instantly stopped talking and sat quietly. While I talked to her about being nice to her brother (and everyone), I have to admit I was kind of impressed with the results she gets ;-)
I love seeing the world through these kids' eyes and my little Izzie is always willing to share her view!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Little Grunts

This weekend, our nephew Dylan graduated from Marine Corp boot camp. He was happy to come home for a few weeks and we were happy to get to see him. Earlier today we went over to my in-laws to visit with him for a bit.
(I forgot to bring my camera, so forgive the cell phone pictures)

Paige, Izzie, Dylan, Drew, Julia and Will
Dylan showing Paige how to do a push-up
She may need to work on her form...
Izzie thought Dylan needed to work harder. Added 30 lbs to his workout!
Congratulations on completing basic training Dylan! We are so proud of you!