Saturday, July 21, 2012

Julia's First Crush

For a little while, I wasn't sure if I would post about this. I want to feel like I am respecting my kids' privacy. At the same time, I am sure I will want to remember this and Julia may think it's funny to look back at one day. What finally made me decide to go ahead and post about it is how completely innocent the whole think is.  This summer, Julia developed her first crush.

For four weeks this summer the kids took swim lessons at the local high school.  For all four weeks, the girls were in level 2, taught by Lance.  Funny enough, my picky little Julia didn't like him originally.  During their first class, Lance wore his goggles hanging loosely around his neck.  This bothered my little nit-picker.  The whole ride home, she complained, "Why were his goggles around his neck?  They are not a necklace.  I do not like that!"  Thankfully, he did not wear the goggles after that.  I guess she forgave him. 

Of the three girls, Julia is definitely the most hesitant.  Lance was always very good with her.  He would encourage her and assure her he was right there and would help her.  He won her over.  I first began noticing that everywhere we went, if we saw a dark-haired, handsome man, Julia would say, "Is that Mr. Lance over there?"

I am calling this a crush, but it was quite sweet and innocent.  She never said anything to Lance, so neither did I.  She began getting 'phone calls' on her toy cell phone from 'Mr. Lance.'  She would talk to him on her little toy phone a few times a day ;-)  A few weeks into the lessons, she told me that she was going to marry Mr. Lance.  The last week, she told me several times that she was going to dance with Mr. Lance at the royal ball. 

Julia and Lance

Swim lessons have ended.  I told the kids this, but I don't think they totally understand it yet.  This morning, Julia asked if we had swim class.  I told her no, that swim lessons were over.  She asked when we were going to see Mr. Lance again.  I said we won't see him any time soon.  Maybe next summer he would teach their swim lessons again.  She told me she would see him at the royal ball.  Ah...  young love ;-)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Wet and Wild Summer

This summer has been a busy one already!  We've been doing a lot of running, but it has all been fun! It was been quite hot, so we have enjoyed a lot of time in the water.  Between Rod's sister's pool, swim lessons and an inflatable water slide at our house, this summer has been wet and wild!

 The kids dressed and ready to swim at Aunt Laura's
(sorry about the glare through the windows)

Paige relaxing in the pool.
(she loves to wear goggles and they crack me up!)

Izzie going down the slide with her cousin Taylor.

Wild-Man Will coming off the slide!
All of the kids went down the slide except Drew.  He loves the water and likes to play in the pool, but remains the most hesitant.  While I appreciate a little caution, I've been working on increasing his comfort in the water this summer.  We'll see.  They're still young...

 The quads relaxing in Laura's hammock after a long, fun day swimming.

We have also just finished our first session of swim lessons for all five kids.  I haven't been good about taking pictures at lessons, but here are a couple a snagged.
 I am very proud of the progress Drew has made.  I would say that he is a bit nervous in the water and still doesn't like to put his face in, but he did a great job following his teacher's instructions and by the end of the 2 wk session, was floating quite well!

 How cute are Julia and Izzie walking around holding hands?

As if we haven't had enough water time, we also bought a giant water slide for the backyard.  Will has been asking for one of these for two years now.  When he first wanted one, the quads were much too little to have played on it, so we resisted.  Well, now the quads are much bigger.  They can hold their own on the slide.  The kids can spend an entire day playing on this and having a blast!  Bonus?  I can count on five thoroughly worn out kids sleeping well at night!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Cell Phone Photos

I have some old photos that still haven't made it off of my cell phone, so these first two are from Memorial Day.

 Paige posing as Pascal.
Those who have seen Tangled will know that Pascal is Rapunzel's pet lizard.  My kids think it is hilarious when they show him being an unhappy dress model for her.  Paige has begun this impersonation which cracks me up.  She has the stink-face down and everything!

The crew and their cousins at the parade.

 Rod usually takes Will to all of his Cub Scout events, but I got to take him to one recently. 
We took a ferry across the Ohio River.  It was fun to get to spend a little time with my big guy.

We recently had a new driveway and walkway poured.  The kids were fascinated and spent a lot of time exactly like this.  Watching the men work out the window.

And yes, we did get their handprints in the new concrete!

Izzie has been coughing for a month.  She has been otherwise healthy, so I waited to take her to the doctor.  The pediatrician believed it was mild allergy-induced asthma, but wanted to be sure it wasn't anything worse.  We took her to get a chest x-ray.  The hospital had her wear a face mask and she loved it so much, they asked if she would like gloves as well.  Well, of course!

My sweet friend (and fellow GGBG quad-mom) Stacy moved to Memphis last summer.  She and her kids were up visiting, so we got together with the kids at Totter Otterville.  We had fun seeing our friends and hope to visit them in Memphis some time soon!